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Jemez Behavioral Health

Jemez Behavioral Health in Jemez Pueblo, NM

Jemez Behavioral Health in New Mexico offers community-based, culturally-sensitive and accredited services to individuals suffering from addiction and mental health issues, utilizing traditional healing, therapeutic activities, prevention programs, 12-step recovery programs and evidence-based practices.

Jemez Behavioral Health Overview

Jemez Behavioral Health is a community-based alcohol and substance abuse treatment center located in Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico. This organization was formed to provide high quality, culturally-sensitive care to individuals suffering from addiction and other mental health issues. The center is staffed with experienced professionals in the fields of mental health and addiction, who strive to provide the best possible care for the community. In addition to traditional therapy and counseling, Jemez Behavioral Health offers group sessions and activities that are tailored to meet the needs of the individuals in their care.

Jemez Behavioral Health offers a wide variety of services for addiction and substance abuse, including outpatient counseling, residential treatment, and family programs. In addition, the center also offers culturally-sensitive interventions, such as traditional healing and therapeutic activities. These activities are designed to help individuals build healthy coping skills and an understanding of their own culture. In addition, they provide relapse prevention programs, 12-step recovery programs, and other evidence-based practices to ensure patients get the best care possible.

Jemez Behavioral Health is accredited by The Joint Commission and has earned the Gold Seal of Approval. The center also has a number of awards, including the National Council for Behavioral Health-Mental Health Corporation of America Award for Excellence in Mental Health Services and the New Mexico Substance Abuse Professional Certification Commission’s Clinical Excellence Award. This is a testament to the quality of care provided by the Jemez Behavioral Health team. Additionally, the center is part of the Jemez Pueblo Tribal Substance Abuse Program, which offers additional support to individuals who need access to addiction treatment services.

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Conditions and Issues Treated

Opioid + Opiate Addiction Treatment in Jemez Pueblo, NM

Opioid addiction has become a significant health problem in the United States. In 2015, there were 91 opioid overdose-related deaths per day, with a substantial increase in mortality rate in 2014.

When opioid addiction has reached a point where a person’s life becomes unmanageable, treatment options are available to help them get sober. Treatment that includes medical care with medications and counseling can help a user transition into sobriety.

Levels of Care

This center offers a variety of custom treatment tailored to individual recovery. Currently available are Aftercare Support, Drug Rehab, Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient, with additional therapies available as listed below.

The Intensive Outpatient Program offered by Jemez Behavioral Health is designed for those who need intensive care but would rather get it in the comfort of their own home. The treatment programs vary in duration and intensity and can be tailored to suit the patient’s needs. The program includes regular visits to the facility, though the overnight stay is not needed. IOP is suitable for patients who have been treated in residential treatment programs and are in the transition phase. It helps the patient live at home and discharge some work or school responsibilities even while undergoing treatment. The patients gradually get back to their routine life with the support of a friend or family member.

Outpatient treatment is often used for drug addicts in drug rehab. Outpatient treatment consists of counseling and therapy sessions. This form of treatment is also called ‘day-treatment’. The outpatient treatment process begins with the addict’s initial detox period, lasting about ten days.

Outpatient treatment is used for those who are at moderate risk for ‘slipping back’ into the addiction, for those who:

  • Are not currently experiencing any side effects from withdrawal and can handle social pressure
  • Can handle stressors that might trigger relapse
  • Have a stable living environment or have moved out of their previous environment, which was not conducive to being sober
  • Have a support system that allows them to go to a facility a few times a week while still keeping their current responsibilities
  • Have no legal obligations, being either on parole or probation, that require them to seek treatment at a mandatory facility
  • Are not currently experiencing any side effects from withdrawal and can handle social pressure
  • Have a stable living environment or have moved out of their previous environment, which was not conducive to being sober

Completing a drug or alcohol rehab program is only the first step. Then comes aftercare support. These services include sober living accommodations, career counseling, and AA/NA programs for those struggling with sobriety or who want help maintaining it after initial rehab at an addiction facility.

They can last up to a year or more depending on what’s needed most urgently after the earlier stages are completed.

Therapies & Programs

Because no single treatment is effective for all addicts, the goal of treatment and therapy should be to figure out what works best for each individual. Tolerance and withdrawal levels differ from person to person, affecting the treatment intensity required. Addiction treatment should aim to help addicts develop healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with their addiction and its underlying causes.

Couples therapy works with clients and significant others in a professional capacity to improve relationship dynamics. This can be helpful for addicts who are trying to marry the idea of recovery into their work, family, social lives – any aspect that has to do with relationships. Through counseling sessions, addicts will have an opportunity to talk about their addiction with professional partners.

Family therapy is beneficial for people who are in addiction treatment services because it offers addicts the opportunity to work with their family members to better understand what led them to make choices that contributed to their addiction.

This type of therapy helps family members reach a deeper understanding of how they can best support their loved one during recovery. It also helps the addict better understand their own motivations and triggers that led them to turn to substance abuse.

Family therapy can help addicts in the following ways:

  • Assists family members in processing difficult feelings so they don’t blame or resent recovering addicts
  • Assists family members in understanding how addiction has impacted the addict and everyone who is involved with them
  • Allows the addict to take responsibility for their actions, while encouraging improved communication skills
  • Helps family members understand how to best support an individual in recovery so addicts don’t relapse again.

Group therapy can help build a stronger support system and give addicts in Jemez Pueblo, NM insight into their addiction that they gain through shared conversations. Group therapy occurs in a controlled group environment, exclusive of one on one meetings. This makes it safer for patients to feel comfortable sharing the struggles they’re going through and gaining perspective.

Location & Contact

Jemez Behavioral Health Location and Directions
110 Sheep Springs Circle
Jemez Pueblo, NM 87024

Phone Number
(575) 834-7258

Jemez Behavioral Health Patient Reviews

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Jemez Behavioral Health Location and Directions

110 Sheep Springs Circle
Jemez Pueblo, NM 87024
(575) 834-7258


Gender Female, Male

Age Adults (20+), Teenagers

Modality Couples, Family, Group, Individuals

Listed June 1, 2021

Updated June 24, 2024

Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico Addiction and Treatment

New Mexico has been one of the leading states in the nation when it comes to drug and alcohol use, abuse, and addiction. Opioids are responsible for over 60% of all drug-related overdoses in New Mexico. Alcohol-related deaths in New Mexico are the highest in the nation and almost twice the national average since 2000.

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