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The drug addiction problem in Holbrook, AZ is relatively small when compared to larger cities in the state. However, there are still people who struggle with addiction. Street drugs like methamphetamine and heroin are not as prevalent as in other areas, but prescription drugs are abused at a higher rate. Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in Holbrook.

Alcohol abuse is more common than drug abuse, and it often leads to other problems like domestic violence and drunk driving. This can be a serious issue, especially for young people. Treatment for alcohol and drug addiction is available at several facilities in the area.

Discover a facility in our list below that fits your needs, or contact us for individual recommendations. With a variety of opioid and alcohol rehabilitation services operating right in Arizona, there is opportunity for treatment and a better life.

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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Facilities near Holbrook, Arizona

Recovery Works Arizona
1201 E Cooley Street A, Show Low, AZ, 85901
45.4 Miles from Holbrook, Arizona, USA
Little Colorado Behavioral Health Centers
470 West Cleveland Street, Saint Johns, AZ 85936
52.4 Miles from Holbrook, Arizona, USA
Change Point Integrated Services Outpatient Clinic
1015 East 2nd Street, Winslow, AZ 86047
31.1 Miles from Holbrook, Arizona, USA
White Mountain Fellowship Hall
380 380 East Mcneil, Show Low, AZ 85901
45.6 Miles from Holbrook, Arizona, USA
ChangePoint Integrated Health - Psychiatric Hospital
1920 West Commerce Drive, Lakeside, AZ, 85929
52.0 Miles from Holbrook, Arizona, USA
Highway 264 Mile Marker 388, Polacca, AZ 86042
64.1 Miles from Holbrook, Arizona, USA

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Holbrook, AZ

When you are in the throes of addiction, it can feel like there is no way out. You may try to quit on your own a few times, only to find yourself using it again. This is because addiction is a chronic disease that requires professional treatment to overcome.

Holbrook, AZ Treatment Centers. Find drug rehab in Holbrook, Arizona, or detox and treatment programs. Get the right help now!

What Types of Treatment Are Available in Holbrook, Arizona?

There are a few different types of drug treatment options available for someone looking to get sober in Holbrook, Arizona. These include inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab, and 12-step programs.

Inpatient rehab is a residential treatment program where you live at the rehab facility for the duration of your treatment. This allows you to focus on your recovery without distractions or triggers from your home life.

Outpatient rehab is a treatment program where you live at home and travel to the facility for treatment. This type of program is best for someone who has a strong support system at home and does not need 24/7 care.

12-step programs are peer support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. These programs provide support and accountability to help you stay sober.

Drug Abuse Statistics in Holbrook, Arizona

According to recent statistics, there were over 1,000 hospitalizations due to drug overdoses in the state in 2019 alone. This means that on average, there were more than three overdoses per day in Arizona. The most common drugs involved in these overdoses were methamphetamine, heroin, and alcohol.

In Holbrook, a survey conducted in 2018 showed that 5.3% of residents had used illicit drugs. In addition, 18.4% of residents reported participating in heavy drinking. Adolescents are particularly at risk, as 26.1% of Holbrook, high school students reported being offered, sold, or given an illegal drug on school property.

  • The number of deaths due to drug overdoses has increased by 150% in Arizona since 2000.
  • Nearly 50% of all drug overdoses in the state involve opioids.
  • 10% of people in Arizona will struggle with an alcohol use disorder at some point in their lives.
  • 32% of addicts in Holbrook have a co-occurring mental health disorder.

Additional Treatment Centers in Arizona

Arizona has some of the highest rates of prescription drug abuse in the United States. Methamphetamines, heroin and morphine are among the most commonly abused substances. Prescription pain relievers were prescribed to 348 million people in 2012, enough to medicate every adult in Arizona for 2 full weeks. The number of people with substance use disorders in Arizona has remained relatively constant over the past few years.

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  • How Do I Know If I’m Addicted?

    If you’re not sure if you have an addiction, ask yourself the following questions:

    · Do I keep using it even though it’s causing problems in my life?

    · Do I keep using even though I know it’s harmful to my health?

    · Do I feel like I need to use in order to function?

    · Do I keep using even though I want to stop?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s likely that you have an addiction and would benefit from treatment.

    What Kind of Therapy Is Used?

    Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the most common types of therapy used in alcohol and drug rehabs. This type of therapy helps patients to identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviors that contribute to substance abuse.

    Other therapies that may be used in alcohol and drug rehab include family therapy, group therapy, and individual counseling.

    The best rehab will offer comprehensive programs that address all aspects of addiction, including the physical, mental, and emotional components. This will consist of detox, followed by intensive therapy and counseling.

    Aftercare services are also important to help patients maintain their sobriety after they leave rehab.

    What Kind of Daily Schedule Can I Expect?

    Most alcohol and drug rehabs offer a structured daily schedule that includes group therapy, individual counseling, and other activities.

    The schedule may also include leisure time, where patients can participate in recreational activities or just relax.

    Meals are usually provided at regular times throughout the day, and patients may have free time to eat and socialize with other patients.

    The exact schedule will vary depending on the facility, but patients can expect to spend most of their time in therapy or counseling sessions.

    Do I Have to Share a Room with Other Patients?

    Most rehabs offer private or semi-private rooms, but some patients may have to share a room with another patient.

    The type of room you will be assigned to will depend on the availability of rooms and the number of people in your group.

    If you are sharing a room with another patient, you will likely have your own bed and will be able to maintain a certain degree of privacy.

    However, you may also have to share a bathroom with other patients.

    Additionally, most private or luxury rehabs offer single rooms to patients.

    Can I Bring My Phone and Laptop?

    Most rehabs allow patients to bring their phones and laptops, but they may be restricted to using them during certain times of the day.

    Patients may also be allowed to use their phones and laptops in common areas, such as the lounge or library.

    However, patients should expect to be disconnected from the outside world during treatment and should be prepared to focus on their recovery.

    Some rehabs may also offer Internet access, but this will typically be limited to allow patients to stay focused on treatment.

    Can I Have Visitors?

    Some rehabs allow patients to have visitors, but this typically depends on the facility and the patient’s progress in treatment.

    If visitors are allowed, they will usually be restricted to certain times of the day and may only be able to see the patient in common areas.

    Visitors may also be required to participate in counseling sessions or other activities.

    The exact rules will vary from rehab to rehab, so it’s important to check with the facility before making any plans.

    How Long Will I Stay in Rehab?

    The length of stay in rehab will vary depending on the severity of the addiction and the progress made in treatment.

    Most rehabs offer 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day programs, but some patients may need to stay longer.

    Aftercare services are also available to help patients maintain their sobriety after they leave rehab.

    The best way to determine how long you will need to stay in rehab is to speak with a counselor or treatment provider.

    They will be able to assess your situation and make a recommendation based on your specific needs.

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