4+ Certified Alcohol and Drug Treatment Facilties in Pine Bluff, Arkansas

A licensed treatment center is an opportunity for people to fight off their addiction. Discover an individualized care plan designed to meet specific goals and milestones nearby in Pine Bluff, AR. Home care, hospitalization, intensive rehabilitation, clinical diagnosis, counseling, and behavioral therapy services.

There is hope in Arkansas due to a number of drug and alcohol recovery facilities for genuine reasons and for a healthier life in cities like Pine Bluff. Find out about a facility on our list below that suits your needs, or contact us for individual recommendations.

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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Facilities near Pine Bluff, Arkansas

712 West 3rd Street Suite 100, Little Rock, AR 72201
39.2 Miles from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA
Recovery Centers of Arkansas - Williamsburg
6301 Father Tribou Street, Little Rock, AR 72205
41.3 Miles from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA
PAT Center II
620 South Laurel Room 16, Pine Bluff, AR 71601
0.5 Miles from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA
Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System
4300 West 7th Street, Little Rock, AR 72205
40.1 Miles from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA
4260 Stockton Drive, North Little Rock, AR 72117
40.4 Miles from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
4224 Shuffield Drive, Little Rock, AR 72207
40.3 Miles from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA

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Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Pine Bluff, AR

4+ Certified Alcohol and Drug Treatment Facilties in Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Too many people and their families in Pine Bluff, AR are affected by drug abuse and addictions. We know that watching someone treasured battle with addiction is traumatic for any mother or father, girlfriend or good friend. Obviously there are a lot of things to love about Pine Bluff, but that does not mean it is drug and alcohol free.

No matter where you live in Arkansas, we are confident there is a drug rehab center that can help you overcome your addiction. We can help you find treatment based on your location, budget, and specific needs and help you get started safely.

What types of treatment are available in Pine Bluff, Arkansas?

Recovering from any type of substance abuse can be a long process, but it is the most rewarding experience any addicted person will ever go through. After completing the initial detox and withdrawal, you will often be required to engage in a highly comprehensive addiction therapy program. While enrolled in a professional and effective drug rehab in Pine Bluff, the following are some of the treatment services that you can expect to receive:

Opioid Abuse

Opioid addiction treatment facilities in Pine Bluff, AR cover both illegal and prescription opioids abuse. Most plans include detoxification and subsequent medications to ease the process. Behavioral therapies and counseling are also necessary to resolve the root cause of addiction.

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

A partial hospitalization program is appropriate for patients in and nearby Pine Bluff, AR that present acute symptoms of addiction. It’s similar to intensive rehab but runs much shorter because the patients don’t need 24-hour monitoring. Partial hospitalizations generally have more freedom when it comes to family visits.

Alcoholism Treatment

Going through alcoholism treatment is a unique process. Alcohol literally changes the way the brain thinks over time. It teaches the brain that in order to survive, the brain requires alcohol. When you opt to stop drinking, your body will revolt. Being in an alcoholism treatment center in Arkansas help you slowly wean down the amount of alcohol you consume and retrain your brain to function on its own

Individual Treatment

Individual therapy refers to one-on-one psychotherapy between a patient and their therapist. Individual therapy seeks to help identify the issues that drive and contribute to a clientÕs addiction or alcoholism. Another goal of individual counseling is to assist the client to learn how to manage their lives without alcohol or drugs.

Rehab is a combination of detoxing the body, rehabilitation, and recovery. There is therapy, aftercare, and support during the entire process. While substance abuse can take over a person’s life, it is something that can also be overcome with help from professionals at Arkansas rehabs.

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