Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Agoura Hills, California

Drug addiction and drug abuse in Agoura Hills, CA is a serious problem that has been on the rise for years now. There’s a good chance you know someone who is currently addicted, or has been in the past. Drugs that are commonly abused in Agoura Hills include marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin, and prescription drugs. Alcohol is also a major problem in Agoura Hills and can lead to serious consequences as well as health issues such as drug overdoses and alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs in Agoura Hills are available to help you recover. Most people need some form of assistance when they are ready to quit using drugs and begin their journey to recovery.

Find a facility on our list below that fits your needs, or call us for individualized support. Through a number of opioid and alcohol recovery programs available in California, healing and a healthier life are possible in Agoura Hills.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Agoura Hills, CA

Drug addiction treatment in Agoura Hills is beneficial for anyone who is currently struggling with substance abuse. The earlier you seek help, the easier it can be to overcome your addiction.

The best way to achieve sobriety is through the assistance of rehab centers, therapists, and counselors who will help you fight your addiction and cravings as well as help you work through the potential underlying issues that may have caused your drug abuse in the first place.

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What Types of Treatment Are Available in Agoura Hills, California?

Drug and alcohol rehabs in Agoura Hills offer a number of treatment options for those looking to get sober. Most programs will offer a combination of detox, counseling, and therapy in order to help you overcome your addiction. You can choose from inpatient or outpatient programs, depending on your needs and preferences.

Inpatient drug rehabs require you to live at the facility while you undergo treatment. This is a good option if you need intensive care and support in order to get sober. Outpatient rehabs allow you to continue living at home while you receive treatment. This is a good option for those who have work or family obligations that they cannot miss.

There are also Sober Living Homes that provide halfway support between treatment and getting sober on your own. This is a good option for those who need a little more support and structure before they can live independently.

Drug Abuse Statistics in Agoura Hills, California

In the Agoura Hills, it is estimated that roughly 2,075 individuals are suffering from drug addiction. Among those suffering from a substance use disorder, nearly 70% will continue to abuse drugs and alcohol. More than half of those who die from a drug overdose each year are in the age range of 36 to 49.

According to a recent survey, about 10% of the population in California struggles with illicit drug use. Among high school students in California, 7.4% admitted to having used an illicit drug within the past months.

  • About 20% of the population struggles with alcohol abuse.
  • Nearly 1 out of every 5 children (under the age of 18) has used an illicit drug at least once.
  • Marijuana leads to the most abused drugs with 16.5% of the population having an addiction to them.
  • Heroin addiction and drug overdoses have increased 100% within the last 5 years.

Additional Treatment Centers in California

More than 3 million of California's citizens are addicted to illegal drugs. Almost 800,000 people use hard drugs, almost 5 million use marijuana, and another 2.1 million abuse alcohol every year. Other substance abuse issues such as binge drinking and teen drug use are also common. Many illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana are smuggled into the state from Mexico.

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  • How Drug Rehabilitation Programs Help in Agoura Hills, CA

    Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers and programs around the country help thousands of struggling addicts each year. A rehabilitation program is designed to help you detox successfully, treat the underlying issues that may have contributed to your addiction, and provide you with coping mechanisms that will help you avoid relapse in the future.

    Before starting any drug rehabilitation program, it is important to be aware of what type of therapy will help you the most. Some programs will use 12-step methodologies, some incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy, others may use motivational interviewing or other techniques to help you achieve sobriety.

    There are a number of physical and mental health problems that can arise from prolonged drug abuse. These health complications may include seizures, strokes, respiratory depression, heart conditions, and liver damage.

    During the initial stage of drug abuse rehab in Agoura Hills, you will be monitored and cared for by medical professionals who will ensure you are safe and healthy.

    Who Can Benefit from Drug Rehabilitation in Agoura Hills, CA?

    Anyone who is currently struggling with a drug addiction can benefit from the assistance of a rehab program. These programs are designed to help you work through your addiction and learn how to live a drug-free life.

    Treatment programs are beneficial for anyone who has an addiction, regardless of how long they have been struggling with their drug use.

    Once you begin your rehab program, you will have the opportunity to access therapeutic services that are designed just for you. Some programs offer support groups, some incorporate yoga or meditation into the therapy sessions, and others may utilize multiple techniques.

    Ongoing therapy will help you work through any underlying issues that may be contributing to your addiction. You will have access to therapists and counselors who will work with you as you dig deep into the root cause of your addiction so that it does not reoccur in the future.

    How to Prepare for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Agoura Hills, CA

    Before you start a drug rehab or alcohol treatment program, it is important to have a strong support system of friends and family members who will help you through your journey of overcoming addiction. To be prepared for treatment, you can:

    1. Become educated about your particular addiction and how it affects the brain, body, and behavior.
    2. Explore different types of therapy and see which one you may benefit from the most.
    3. Make sure you have a strong support system of friends and family who are willing to help keep you accountable for your sobriety.

    Where to Find Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Agoura Hills, CA

    There are a number of drug and alcohol rehab facilities across the country that offer treatment for individuals struggling with addiction.

    When searching for drug rehab centers in your area, you should consider some aspect of the program that will make it a good fit for you.

    • Does the center offer treatment options I am interested in?
    • How much does the program cost?
    • Does the program offer ongoing support?
    • How soon can I begin treatment?

      You can speak with a counselor at the treatment center to determine what type of services they offer and if it will be beneficial for you.

    How to Find Affordable Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Agoura Hills, CA

    Many drug addiction rehabilitation programs are provided at little to no cost to the patient. While some treatment facilities may have a set fee for addiction therapy, many will work with you to help find a payment plan that will work with your budget.

    Your insurance provider may provide coverage for addiction treatment, and you can also explore financing options available to you through a local bank or lending company.

    If you cannot find financing to help pay for your drug rehab program, you should consider speaking with the treatment center about their payment plans as well as what funding options they offer.

    You can also reach out to your state’s local government and ask about any programs available to you that may help provide free drug and alcohol rehab.

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