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The Impact of Addiction in Massachusetts

Drug Treatment and Rehab Centers in Massachusetts

In 1620 Massachusetts was the Mayflower’s destination and the Boston Tea Party venue. It is a gateway to New England, and Red Sox’s birthplace. For every week of the year Cape Cod has unspoiled beaches, new lobster and a golf course. Cultural scene in the area, including the Museum of Fine Arts and Tanglewood, is world class.

For decades, the rate of opioid-related overdoses in Massachusetts has been higher than the national average. In 2017, Massachusetts ranked in the top 10 of the states with the highest opioid overdose rates. Although Massachusetts still ranks quite high, this rate has been dropping significantly in most recent years. Due to the high costs of health insurance, more residents switch from prescription opioids to heroin every year. This has led to a rise in the overall rate of overdoses in the state of Massachusetts.

Of course a nice place to visit and live, but Massachusetts has drug abuse problems.

Each year more than half a million Massachusetts residents abuse alcohol while more than 1.5 million use illegal drugs. This drug and alcohol usage is the cause of over 8% of all deaths in the state. Due to the lack of education, homelessness, and unemployment, many of the addicted Massachusetts residents cannot get the help they need to battle their addiction.

Worst Drugs in Massachusetts

  1. Cocaine is responsible for more than 5% of all drug abuse treatment admissions in Massachusetts, with nearly 8% of all teenagers being active users. More than 75% of those teenagers prefer smoking cocaine, as opposed to injecting it.
  2. The heroin-related overdoses in Massachusetts increased by more than 60% from 2012 to 2014, with young people between 26 and 30 years old being the largest age group affected by heroin.
  3. The use of marijuana has become so common in Massachusetts that 80% of teens between the ages of 12 and 17 years old see no harm in smoking marijuana at least once a month. This may also be the result of Massachusetts legislature recently legalizing marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes.
  4. Between 1999 and 2010, Massachusetts’s rate of overdose due to prescription drugs increased by more than 500%. This led to more than 300 deaths in the state in 2017 alone. This common abuse has also led to more than 25% of all teenagers abusing prescription drugs at least once in their lifetime.
  5. More than 30% of all addiction treatment admissions in Massachusetts are due to alcohol addiction. Massachusetts also has one of the largest groups of underage drinkers, with more than 70% of all teens having used alcohol at least once in their life.

Impactful Addiction Stats

  1. Almost 40% of all Massachusetts teenagers admit to having used marijuana at least once in their lifetime.
  2. Binge drinking is a problem in Massachusetts. Almost 1 in every 4 adults in the state reportedly binge drinks at least once a month.
  3. Opioids, including heroin and prescription opioids, make up the most commonly abused drugs in the state at 58%.
  4. The rate of illicit drug dependence in Massachusetts is 3%; slightly higher than the national average.
  5. More than 50% of all addiction treatment admissions in Massachusetts are for heroin addiction and more than 30% are for alcohol addiction.
  6. Over 10% of all drug violations by Massachusetts residents are committed by young people under the age of 20.
  7. Almost 80% of all heroin addicts in Massachusetts used prescription drugs as a gateway.
  8. From 2011 to 2015, the state saw a more than 250% increase in hospital visits linked to the use of heroin.
  9. Fentanyl is one of the leading causes of the high rates of opioid-related overdoses in Massachusetts, having been found in more than 85% of all overdoses.
  10. On one day in 2015, more than 45,000 Massachusetts residents were admitted into substance abuse treatment.

Quick Tips on Finding A Center

Alcohol and drug abuse and addiction are truly complex, causing terrible harm to people’s lives and their families. Fortunately, thousands of treatment facilities throughout the U.S. and more specifically located in Massachusetts are dedicated to starting addicts on the road to recovery and helping them stay on it. The variety of treatment programs is mind-boggling, and the experience of one treatment seeker will differ markedly from that of another. Similarly, the perfect treatment for one recovering addict will be ineffective for another. Our admissions experts are on call 24/7 to help you search.

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  • Mass211. A hotline providing consultations on addiction crisis, emergency treatment services, counseling, and appropriate referrals. 877-211-6277
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