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A big issue is a destruction of Minnesota communities and ties caused by alcohol and drugs. It truly is incredibly difficult to see a friend or loved one face a struggle with addiction; we are here to help.

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The Impact of Addiction in Minnesota

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers, Counseling in Minnesota

There are 11,842 lakes to choose from in Minnesota, and a new lake every day for over three decades. From water skiing to paddle-wheel boat trips, there’s a water sports for all. In the middle of winter, Minnesota freezes completely for snowmobiling and cross-country skiing. The twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are the ideal place for a city break or a gateway to Duluth.

Minnesota is fighting an opioid epidemic that is leaving hundreds of its residents dead each year. Both prescription opioids and illicit opioids are widely abused in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Minnesota is a great place to visit and live, of course, but it does have drug abuse problems like all other states.

The opioid epidemic in Minnesota can be traced back to the arrests of heroin traffickers in 2015. This was the first time the Minnesota police had captured heroin traffickers in the state who had smuggled large amounts of the illicit drug. Even though these traffickers were captured, it would prove to be too late. Thousands of residents had already begun using heroin and were soon dependent/addicted. These traffickers also smuggled heroin in and out of Michigan and Illinois–but the heroin epidemic had yet to take off in these two states.

Heroin continues to be one of the most commonly abused drugs in the state, if not the most common illicit drug. Over 10% of all treatment admissions in Minnesota list heroin as their drug of choice.

One of the reasons drug and alcohol abuse in Minnesota continues to be high is the lack of health care. Many people in the state do not have insurance, and according to statistics, it is this group of people who are more likely to become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. This is also why less than 10% of the population that needs treatment actually receives it. The result of this is a higher than average rate for drug and/or alcohol-related deaths throughout Minnesota: 13.66% compared to the national average of 12.71%.

Worst Drugs in Minnesota

  1. Synthetic opioid-related deaths in Minnesota have seen the largest increase of all drug-induced death categories. From 2011 to 2018, this rate increased by 500%: from 31 deaths in 2011 to 184 deaths in 2018.
  2. While teenagers in Minnesota are less likely to abuse alcohol than the average American teenager, the rate of alcohol abuse amongst teenagers remains high. About one in ten teenagers regularly drink alcohol. Not only is this harmful to the individual health of minors, but it has also led to many road accidents due to underage drunk drivers. In 2007, there were 32 traffic fatalities and over 1,800 other traffic injuries caused by underage drunk drivers.
  3. Marijuana has been the primary drug of choice for many people in Minnesota for decades. The drug is readily available in the state at affordable prices. While recreational use remains illegal, it has been decriminalized to a degree. While the drug is not normally associated with violent crime in the state, over 40% of arrested males test positive for its use.
  4. Methamphetamines in Minnesota are especially dangerous since they have higher potency levels than USA-produced meth and are also available at a lower price. The methamphetamines found in Minnesota are trafficked from Mexico. This is also why more than a third of all drug seizures in Minnesota involve methamphetamines.
  5. Heroin-related deaths in Minnesota increased by more than 900% in the six years between 2008 and 2014. More recently, heroin is often laced with the addictive painkiller fentanyl.

Impactful Addiction Stats

  1. Minnesota ranks seventh in the nation for veteran alcohol abuse at 18.7%.
  2. More than 50% of all drug-related arrests in the state are for marijuana use, possession, and/or distribution.
  3. More than 6% or about 10,000 teenagers in Minnesota admit to having used marijuana at least once.
  4. Prescription opioids abuse is lower in Minnesota compared to other states in the country. This is partly due to the fact that the state has a lower than average rate for prescriptions at 41 per 100 people. The national average rate is 58.7 per 100.
  5. Minnesota ranks amongst the top states for unmet treatment needs for alcohol abuse and/or dependency.
  6. In December 2016 alone, Minnesota prescribers wrote out more than 85,000 opioid prescriptions.
  7. Minnesota ranks amongst the top states in the nation for youth marijuana use as well as the lowest age people start using marijuana.
  8. In 2016, almost 2% of adults above the age of 18 years old admitted to using illicit drugs. This number does not include marijuana use.
  9. Almost 15,000 Minnesota high school students admit to past month alcohol use.
  10. Excessive alcohol abuse in Minnesota costs the state between 3.5 and 5 billion dollars every year.

Quick Tips on Finding Treatment

Alcohol and substance addiction and dependency are extremely complicated and do tremendous damage to the lives of individuals and their families. Fortunately, thousands of care centers in the United States and in Minnesota specifically are committed to beginning and supporting people who are addicted to rehabilitation. The variety of recovery services is remarkable and one care seeker ‘s experience is dramatically different from another. Similarly, the ideal treatment for one addict to recovery is ineffective for another. Our admissions staff are available 24 hours a day to help you search.

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