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Pemberton, New Jersey is a small town located in Burlington County. The town has a population of just over 1,500 people. Despite its small size, Pemberton has been hit hard by the opioid epidemic. This likely has to do with the town’s proximity to Philadelphia, where drug dealers have easy access to customers.

Drugs choice in Pemberton is not limited to heroin and crack cocaine. However, prescription opioids are also readily available. This has led to a sharp increase in overdoses in recent years. What’s more, the town has one of the highest rates of HIV infection in the state. This is likely due to needle sharing among intravenous drug users.

Here we list all the best drug recovery programs and centers, each of which has its own unique features. Our list contains a variety of resources available in New Jersey, ready to help you or a loved one live a healthy, clean, alcohol-free and opioid-free life.

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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Facilities near Pemberton, New Jersey

ARS of Mays Landing
1409 Cantillon Blvd, Mays Landing, NJ 08330
36.7 Miles from Pemberton, New Jersey, USA
Pinnacle Treatment Centers - Ocean Medical Services
2001 Route 37 East, Toms River, NJ 08753
28.7 Miles from Pemberton, New Jersey, USA
Maryville Addiction Treatment Center - Vineland
1173 E Landis Ave, Vineland, NJ 08360
37.8 Miles from Pemberton, New Jersey, USA
Saint Clare's Behavioral Health - Boonton
130 Powerville Road, Boonton, NJ 07005
66.3 Miles from Pemberton, New Jersey, USA
Integrity House - Secaucus Campus
595 County Avenue Buildings 4-7, Secaucus, NJ 07094
65.1 Miles from Pemberton, New Jersey, USA
Legacy Healing Center - New Jersey
800 Kings Hwy N, Cherry Hill, NJ, 08034
17.2 Miles from Pemberton, New Jersey, USA

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Pemberton, NJ

Treatment for drug and alcohol abuse is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s important to find the right fit for you based on your unique needs and circumstances.

There are many factors that go into making the decision about what type of treatment is best suited for you, including how severe your addiction problem is, whether you have any underlying mental health or medical issues, your financial resources, and your personal preferences.

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What Types of Treatment Are Available in Pemberton, New Jersey?

There are many drug and alcohol treatment options available in Pemberton, NJ. Some of the most common treatment programs include inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient treatment, and support groups.

Inpatient rehabilitation programs are designed for people who need 24-hour supervision and care. These programs typically last 30 days or more, and they provide comprehensive care.

Outpatient treatment programs are less intensive than inpatient programs, and they allow people to live at home while receiving treatment. Outpatient programs typically last for 12 weeks or more.

Support groups are another important part of treatment, and they can provide ongoing support and accountability. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are two of the most popular support groups in Pemberton, NJ.

Drug Abuse Statistics in Pemberton, New Jersey

The sharp increase in overdoses is indicative of a bigger problem: drug abuse. Drug abuse is defined as the use of a substance for non-medical reasons. According to the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office, there have been 31 overdose deaths in Pemberton between 2015 and 2018. In 2017 alone, there were 11 overdoses in the town. This means that, on average, there is one overdose death every three months.

This problem is not unique to Pemberton. In Burlington County as a whole, there were 107 overdose deaths in 2017. In addition, about 1 in every 10 residents struggles with a substance abuse disorder.

  • 28% of addicts in Pemberton started using drugs before they turned 18.
  • 35% of residents who are surveyed using illicit drugs abuse prescription painkillers.
  • 60% of residents who abuse drugs say that they started using drugs to self-medicate.
  • The average addict in Pemberton spends about $200 per week on drugs.

Additional Treatment Centers in New Jersey

The state of New Jersey is afflicted by the rising opioid overdose crisis and the increase in the number of residents engaging in illegal substance abuse. 90% of the 2,900 drug overdose deaths in New Jersey involved opioids in 2018. Over 1.1 million New Jersey residents reportedly use drugs in a given year. High prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse caused 14% of all deaths in the state between 2008 and 2017.

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  • What are the Costs Associated with Drug Rehabilitation?

    The cost of treatment for drug and alcohol addiction can vary widely depending on the type of program you choose, the length of time you stay in treatment, and the location of the facility.

    In general, though, you can expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 for drug rehab. However state-funded programs and scholarships may be available to help cover the costs of treatment.

    If you have health insurance, your policy may cover some or all of the cost of treatment. Many drug rehab facilities also offer financing options to help cover the cost of treatment.

    What is the Length of Time I Can Expect to Be in Rehab?

    Most drug rehab programs last anywhere from 30 days to 90 days, although there are some long-term programs that last up to a year.

    The length of time you stay in treatment will depend on the severity of your addiction, your ability to stick to the program, and your overall goals for treatment.

    Some people may need a shorter program to get their addiction under control, while others may benefit from a longer program that helps them make lasting changes in their lives.

    What Happens During Drug Rehab?

    During drug rehab, you will participate in a variety of activities and therapies designed to help you overcome your addiction and learn how to live a sober life.

    Some of the things you may do daily during treatment include attending group therapy, participating in individual counseling, and attending 12-step meetings.

    You will also have the opportunity to learn about addiction and recovery, participate in activities that promote sober living skills, and develop a support system for other recovering addicts.

    Leisure activities and outings may also be a part of your treatment, as they can help you relax and have fun without drugs or alcohol.

    What Are the Warning Signs of a Bad Drug Rehab Facility?

    When choosing a drug rehab facility, it’s important to do your research to make sure you are selecting a reputable and trustworthy program.

    There are a few warning signs that may indicate a bad drug rehab facility, such as:

    • Promising quick and easy cures

    • Offering miracle treatments

    • Making false claims

    • Refusing to provide information about the program

    • Asking for payment upfront

    If you come across a drug rehab facility that displays any of these warning signs, it’s best to look elsewhere for treatment.

    What is the Difference Between Luxury and Executive Rehab Programs?

    Luxury and executive rehab programs are designed for people who want or need a higher level of care than what is typically offered in a standard drug rehab program.

    These programs often offer private rooms, upscale amenities, and a higher staff-to-patient ratio. Treatment in a luxury or executive rehab program may also be more individualized than in a standard program.

    Luxury and executive rehab programs are typically more expensive than standard drug rehab programs, but they may be covered by some insurance policies.

    If you are considering a luxury or executive rehab program, be sure to research the program thoroughly to make sure it is a good fit for your needs.

    Do I Need to Attend a Drug Rehab that is Far from Home?

    Some people do well in a drug rehab program that is close to home, while others may benefit from being away from familiar environments and people.

    For people who have a history of relapsing or who feel they would benefit from being in a completely new environment, drug rehab out of state or in another country may be a good option.

    Being away from home can help you focus on your recovery and gives you the opportunity to start fresh in a new place.

    If you are considering drug rehab out of state, consider California or Florida, as these states have a variety of high-quality programs to choose from. Also, for New Jersey residents, there are many excellent programs in New York and Pennsylvania.

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