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So many people and their families in New Mexico experience addiction problems and drug abuse. We understand it’s devastating for any parent, partner or a great friend to watch a loved one battle with addiction.

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The Impact of Addiction in New Mexico

New Mexico Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

New Mexico is known as the “land of magic” for its stunning topography and fascinating history. Pueblo and Navajo Indigenous American cultures are very much alive and well. The national parks include the Carlsbad Caverns, the White Sands and the Shiprock Mountains in Navajo. Roswell, the home of the UFO crash site, is a popular tourist attraction.

For years, New Mexico has been one of the leading states in the nation when it comes to drug and alcohol use, abuse, and addiction. Although there has been a small decline in overdoses in recent years, this number is still significantly higher than the national average. These addiction-led overdoses are due both to prescribed as well as illicit drug use.

New Mexico has a lot to enjoy but in New Mexico there are many areas within dealing with drug and alcohol abuse.

Due to New Mexico being one of the leading drug-trafficking states, it is exceptionally easy for those underage to get their hands on drugs and alcohol. This has led to New Mexico having one of the highest percentages of drug and alcohol-addicted teenagers in the entire country.

Most recently, the state has legalized the use of medical marijuana. New Mexico also executes the Good Samaritan Law, which legally protects people who call in overdoses as well as those that overdose. By doing so, the state hopes to encourage people to seek help with some degree of anonymity.

Worst Drugs in New Mexico

  1. New Mexico has one of the highest groups of teenagers between 12 and 17 years of age who are addicted to cocaine. The state’s cocaine abuse rate is also higher than the nationwide cocaine abuse rate.
  2. Heroin is involved in over 35% of all overdoses in New Mexico, with most of the victims coming from multi-generational heroin-using (abusing) families. Of the “new” heroin users, 3 out of 4 have previously abused prescription drugs.
  3. Marijuana use among teenagers between 12 and 17 placed New Mexico among the highest-ranking states of the country. Even though the use of medical marijuana is now legal in the state, over 80% of all marijuana use is non-medical.
  4. Over 25% of high school students in New Mexico have admitted to trying methamphetamines. The highest rate for amphetamine prescription is the age group between ages 5 to 14. This is one of the youngest age groups in the United States of America.
  5. New Mexico ranked in the top 3 states for alcohol abuse every year since 1987, with alcohol-related deaths in the state being more than twice the average since 2000. This number is increasing while the national average is witnessing a steady decline.

Impactful Addiction Stats

  1. New Mexico ranks sixth among all states in the nation for alcohol and drug abuse and/or addiction.
  2. Alcohol-related deaths in New Mexico are the highest in the nation and almost twice the national average.
  3. New Mexico’s drug-related deaths are almost twice the national average and are higher than the state’s motor vehicle deaths.
  4. Opioids are responsible for over 60% of all drug-related overdoses in New Mexico.
  5. Teens in New Mexico rank among the highest in the nation for drug and alcohol use.
  6. The largest group of people admitted for alcohol treatment in New Mexico are between the ages of 26 and 30.
  7. New Mexico ranks highest in the nation for underage drinking and marijuana abuse in children below the age of 13.
  8. Over 9% of all 12th graders in New Mexico have admitted to using prescription drugs to get high and 6.6% admit to using cocaine.
  9. Over 26% of high school students admit to regularly drinking alcohol and more than 6% reportedly use cocaine regularly.
  10. Over 500 people in New Mexico are admitted into rehabilitation programs for prescription opioid abuse every year.

Quick Tips on Finding A Center

A licensed treatment center is an opportunity for people to fight off their addiction. Discover an individualized care plan designed to meet specific goals and milestones would give the patient access to successes that can lead to progress and a stable, effective outcome. Home care, hospitalization, intensive rehabilitation, clinical diagnosis, counseling, and behavioral therapy offer the services needed for their drug and alcohol abstinence, wellness, and improved quality of life. Learn more and work with the respective admission teams by contacting any recovery center in New Mexico or by communicating with our experts today.

Health Insurance Providers Covering Drug Addiction Treatment
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico
  • Presbyterian Health Plan
  • New Mexico Health Connections
  • Indian Health Services
  • Medicaid

State Specific Hotlines & Resources

  • New Mexico HOPE. A community-based organization providing mental health and substance abuse-related service: (505) 554-3057.
  • COSAP. The University of New Mexico’s campus program for abuse prevention and services: (505) 277-0111.
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