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Drug use and addiction have been on the rise in Wilson. Commonly used drugs are methamphetamines, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, prescription painkillers, and MDMA/ecstasy. These drugs are being used by mostly young adults within the age group of 18 to 25 years old.

The majority of these drug abusers have become victims of their own habits and have succumbed to drug addiction. They find themselves committing all sorts of crimes just to be able to keep up with their expensive habits.

Wilson is served by a multitude of drug abuse and addiction treatment facilities. These facilities help treat those who are looking for a solution towards recovery from drug addiction.

Below we list all of the finest addiction rehab services and centers, each of them with special characteristics of their own. There are opportunities for recovery and improved life in North Carolina with numerous drug and alcohol addiction programs available in Wilson.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Wilson, NC

Wilson, NC has a number of treatment facilities to help people recover from drug addiction. These facilities are available for people of all ages, genders, and races. Treatment facilities can help addicts recover from their addictions and live a fulfilling healthy life again.

Treatment facilities help addicts recover through a variety of methods. Therapy, medication, and support groups are some forms of treatment through which addicts can get their life back on track.

Wilson, NC Treatment Centers. Find drug rehab in Wilson, North Carolina, or detox and treatment programs. Get the right help now!

What Types of Treatment Are Available in Wilson, North Carolina?

There are a number of different drug treatment options available in Wilson, North Carolina. Some of these include inpatient and outpatient rehab programs, 12 step programs, detoxification programs, and holistic therapies.

Inpatient rehab programs require that the person stays at the treatment facility for the duration of the program. Outpatient rehab programs allow the person to live at home while attending treatment sessions at a designated facility.

12 step programs are self-help groups that offer support and guidance to those struggling with addiction. Detoxification programs provide a safe and controlled environment for someone to rid their body of drugs or alcohol. Holistic therapies offer an alternative approach to addiction treatment that focuses on the whole person – body, mind, and spirit.

Drug Abuse Statistics in Wilson, North Carolin​​a

Illicit drugs are readily accessible in Wilson. According to a survey, 26% of people who abused drugs admitted they are easily getting drugs from the streets. About 1/3 of all drug abusers have been using drugs for more than 10 years.

The most commonly abused drug is Marijuana with 6% of Wilson’s population abusing it – followed by heroin which has 2% abusers. Also, almost 63% of people who abuse drugs are also alcohol addicts. Alcohol abuse was more common among people who abused prescription drugs and marijuana.

  • Around 12% of Wilson’s population have abused drugs at some point.
  • In Wilson, the rate of drug-related deaths is around 4 times higher than car accidents and homicides.
  • The average age at which drug use begins is about 16 years old.
  • 61% of drug users in Wilson are high school or college students.

Additional Treatment Centers in North Carolina

North Carolina ranks 29th in the nation for overall substance abuse. Many of the drugs abused in the state are illicit, and many of these are opioids. Prescription opioids are readily available due to the high rates of medical workers prescribing them. The number of prescriptions has increased tenfold since the 1980's. Opioid overdoses are the most common type of death in North Carolina.

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  • Is There Any Guarantee of Success of Rehab?

    No, there are no guarantees of success in rehab. However, you can bring about a significant transformation in your life if you follow the treatment plan religiously and also work on your relationship with the therapists. There are many success stories of people who have beaten their drug addiction after going through treatment programs.

    There is no standard success rate since it varies from person to person depending on the treatment they choose, how dedicated and motivated they are towards recovery, their lifestyle choices, medical conditions, family history, income level, and many other factors.

    However, there is a general success rate of 50-60% among all the rehabs. Of course, treatment success also depends on what type of drug you have been addicted to.

    The moment you start feeling that your life is being affected by drug addiction, you should immediately seek professional help from a drug addiction treatment facility.

    Once you gain sobriety, you need to work on your emotional and psychological problems and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You also need to learn new coping skills so that relapse does not become an easy option for you.

    How Do I Know Which Rehab Facility to Choose?

    When looking for a rehab facility in Wilson, North Carolina, consider recovery programs that offer holistic and customized treatment which will include physical, psychological, and social support.

    You should also consider the facilities that offer a non-hospital setting as it is believed to be more helpful in starting a strong foundation of sobriety. Also, focus on treatment programs that offer you aftercare planning and support which will help you in the long-term recovery process.

    Are There Any Benefits of Holistic Treatment?

    Holistic treatment is widely known to be an effective form of addiction treatment. It is also known for its positive and long-lasting impact on the mental and physical health of addicts.

    The main objective of holistic treatment is to treat addiction as a health disorder. You will receive effective treatments for underlying psychological issues that prevented you from overcoming your addiction.

    Alternative and holistic therapies such as art and music therapy, yoga and meditation, acupuncture and acupressure, dance movement therapy, massage therapy, and recreational therapy are included in this type of treatment.

    What is the Ideal Length of Rehab?

    A standard rehab timeline is 30-90 days. However, it should vary from person to person depending on the treatment they seek and other factors which are specific to each individual.

    If you are on medications or doing an outpatient treatment, your timeline will be shorter than that of a person who is doing a traditional inpatient treatment.

    You should speak with your counselor about the length of the treatment plan suited for you. In general, the more time you spend in addiction treatment, the better it will be for your recovery.

    The counselor may also ask you to take a follow-up counseling session after you have successfully completed the program to ensure that your addiction will not reoccur.

    How Can I Pay for Rehab?

    There are many rehabs in Wilson, North Carolina that offer their services at affordable prices. You can reduce the average cost of addiction treatment by asking the facility about their payment plans.

    You should also ask them about facilities that offer you insurance coverage for rehab since there are quite a few insurance companies that provide this cover.

    You can also look out for private financing options which will help you pay for rehab without any hassles.

    How is a Safe Environment Beneficial in Rehab?

    A safe environment is crucial for the success of any treatment, be it rehab or otherwise. By taking the addict out of their regular environment, they are able to focus on their addiction and mental issues without being distracted by the daily struggles.

    A rehab facility in Wilson, North Carolina will provide the following things:

    • Clean and sober environment
    • Freedom from drugs and alcohol
    • Time for self-reflection
    • Quality education and therapy sessions
    • Healthy meals

      These things will help them build strong coping mechanisms and create a foundation for long-lasting sobriety.

    Wilson, NC Treatment Centers. Find drug rehab in Wilson, North Carolina, or detox and treatment programs. Get the right help now! (888) 674-0062

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