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The drug addiction problem in Minot, ND is significant. The number of people struggling with drug addiction is increasing daily. People who abuse drugs or become addicted to them suffer from a disease that can affect anyone, regardless of income, race, or other factors. It is estimated that 1 in every 14 people in Minot is affected by drug addiction.

The most abused drug in Minot are alcohol and marijuana, but other common addictions are methamphetamine, prescription painkillers, and cocaine. In an effort to combat this issue, Minot treatment centers have been implemented. These facilities provide a wide range of addiction treatment methods to help with any type of addiction.

There is hope for recovery and a new life with a number of drug and alcohol addiction programs available throughout Minot. Find out about a facility on our list below that suits your needs, or contact us for individual recommendations.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Minot, ND

Those that want to overcome their addictions can get help from Minot treatment centers. These facilities provide a wide range of different services, including detoxification and drug rehab, to help those struggling with addiction. Detox services can greatly reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms and issues that come from stopping drug abuse. Drug rehab can help those recovering from addiction learn how to live a life that is not dependent on drugs and alcohol.

Other services provided by Minot treatment centers can help an individual’s mental health, if necessary. Mental health services are provided to treat any psychological or emotional issues that may have been a cause of the addiction. Therapy services can help those struggling with any anger and stress issues that may be related to their drug abuse and addiction.

Minot, ND Treatment Centers. Find drug rehab in Minot, North Dakota, or detox and treatment programs. Get the right help now!

What Types of Treatment Are Available in Minot, North Dakota?

There are many different types of drug treatment options available in Minot, North Dakota. Some of the most common treatment options include inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation, and 12-step programs.

Inpatient rehabilitation is a type of treatment where you live at the rehab center for a period of time. This is usually a 30-90 day program, and it offers a more intensive level of care than outpatient rehabilitation.

Outpatient rehabilitation is a type of treatment where you visit the rehab center for treatment sessions, but you do not live there. This is a less intensive level of care than inpatient rehabilitation.

12-step programs are support groups that offer a mutual sharing of experiences, hope, and recovery. They typically meet at meetings hosted by outside groups and organizations.

Drug Abuse Statistics in Minot, North Dakota

In the past decade, drug abuse in Minot has been a growing problem. In 2018, 5 people were arrested for drug violations. In 2019, so far, 10 people have been arrested for drug violations. The amount of drug-related deaths in Minot has also increased from 20 deaths to 26 deaths within a year’s time.

In 2018, 11% of high school students that were surveyed admitted to using marijuana within the past month, with 5% admitting to using cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, heroin, or some other illegal drug within the past 30 days.

  • 5% of adults (12 years and older) use illicit drugs in the past month.
  • 10% of high school students are use marijuana at least once.
  • 17% of Minot residents (12 years and older) binge drink or drink heavily one or more times a month.
  • There is over 1,000 drug admission to treatment facilities in the state of North Dakota every year.

Additional Treatment Centers in North Dakota

Almost half of all road deaths in North Dakota are tied to alcohol. 18% of students from 9th through 12th grade admit to binge drinking. 14% of North Dakota high schoolers admit to abusing prescription drugs at least once. Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance in North Dakota, 5.26% of the population abuses alcohol in a year, which includes several minors. Binge drinking is a large problem, with 24.8% taking part.

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  • What Type of Treatment is Best for Me?

    The treatment that has the highest success rate and is most addictive is inpatient rehabilitation. Outpatient services can be a good option for those who have other responsibilities and need to continue living a life outside of treatment. Long-term rehabilitation should only be done when all other treatment methods have been unsuccessful.

    Physical and/or medical issues that may need attention while recovering from drug addiction can be sleep apnea, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, or any other type of condition. It is important to always have medical supervision when recovering from addiction.

    How Long Does Treatment Take?

    If you are looking for a long-term solution to your drug addiction and abuse, inpatient rehabilitation is the best option. An inpatient facility can last anywhere between 30-90 days, depending on each individual’s situation. Some may be able to recover faster, while others need the longest amount of time possible.

    The Recovery Process

    Regardless of which type of treatment you choose, the recovery process will be difficult. It is important to find a facility that provides good aftercare services so you can keep your sobriety after you leave the facility.

    There are many factors that go into determining the success rate of addiction recovery. It may take multiple trips to treatment for an individual to get and stay sober. Those that were struggling with severe addictions for a long period of time, such as alcoholism, maybe more of a long-term recovery process.

    Through ongoing treatment and support from loved ones, those who have been struggling with addiction can overcome their issues and live a life that is free from addiction.

    How Can I Stay Sober?

    There are some programs that offer aftercare services, such as sober living communities and halfway houses. These options can be good when transitioning back into society. Additional services, such as ongoing counseling and support groups, can be helpful when it comes to maintaining sobriety.

    By utilizing all of these aspects, including different types of treatment and support services, you can overcome your addiction. Minot centers provide the help needed to overcome addiction and give you the tools to keep yourself sober when you leave.

    How to Choose a Treatment Center

    There are a few factors that can help determine which facility is best for your needs. You can determine a facility’s popularity by consulting a service that ranks addiction treatment programs, or you can consult your doctor. It is important that you learn more about the staff and what qualifications they have, as well as the facility’s history and accreditation.

    The first step to take if you’re considering drug rehab is to call the facility and ask them for information. When you call, you can ask some common questions that will help determine which center is right for you. Some important things to ask are about their program, what services they offer, how much time the addiction treatment will take, and what their costs are.

    If cost is an issue, you may want to look for local facilities that offer sliding scale fees. If the distance to the facility will be an issue, then you should look into rehabs in your area. Services, such as therapy and counseling, maybe another factor to consider if these are issues you have been struggling with.

    Minot centers can help those seeking rehabilitation overcome their addiction. Through all aspects of treatment, including therapy, support services, counseling, and medical care, you can find the best help to get and stay sober.

    Minot, ND Treatment Centers. Find drug rehab in Minot, North Dakota, or detox and treatment programs. Get the right help now! (888) 674-0062

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