Ohio Rehab: Findlay Addiction Treatment Centers (2022)

The drug addiction problem in Findlay, OH is relatively bad. Currently, the drug of choice in Findlay has illegally obtained prescription drugs including painkillers and Xanax. Other substances abused include methamphetamine, heroin, crack cocaine, and marijuana.

Addiction is a very serious problem for many people living in the Findlay area. One way to help put a stop to this is to have more people go through Findlay addiction treatment whenever possible. If you are someone who is currently abusing drugs or alcohol, now is the time to find treatment facilities in Findlay that will help you get the detox and rehab process started.

Below we list all of the finest addiction rehab services and centers, each of them with special characteristics of their own. There is hope for recovery and a new life with a number of drug and alcohol addiction programs available throughout Findlay.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Findlay, OH

If you are currently addicted to drugs, or perhaps know someone who is, getting help for addiction in Findlay should be your number one priority. Taking the first step and admitting your problem is difficult, but it will be made easier with the help of addiction treatment professionals.

There are Findlay drug rehab centers so you should never have a problem finding one to get you started on the road to recovery.

What Types of Treatment Are Available in Findlay, Ohio?

When it comes to finding a drug rehab in Findlay, OH, there are a few different types of programs to choose from. Some facilities offer inpatient treatment, while others offer outpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment is typically the better option, as it provides around-the-clock care and support. This is perfect for those who are struggling with severe addiction and need intensive treatment.

Outpatient treatment is also available, and this is good for those who want to continue living at home while they get sober. Outpatient treatment usually involves attending therapy sessions and group meetings several times a week.

In addition to these two main types of treatment, there are also many 12-step programs available in Findlay. 12-step programs are great for those who feel like their addiction is too much to handle on their own. These programs allow people the opportunity to connect with fellow addicts and work through their problem together.

Drug Abuse Statistics in Findlay, Ohio

According to the Findlay Police Department, drug arrests for possession, sale, and trafficking increase almost every year. In the past five years, there have been about 1,000 drug arrests in Findlay alone. In addition, the number of people who have used marijuana in Findlay over a four-week time span has increased 36% in the past 10 years.

Also, the drug abuse treatment statistics for Findlay are dismal. About 45% of people who need substance abuse treatment do not get it. In addition, About 23% of people are admitted to treatment under the age of 21.

  • About 5% of Findlay’s population has a substance abuse problem involving drugs or alcohol.
  • Almost 12% of Findlay’s drivers were found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • The overall arrest rate in Findlay is 4% for drugs.
  • 11% of high school students in Findlay have experimented with illegal drugs.

Additional Treatment Centers in Ohio

Ohio is suffering from a drug abuse problem that is costing thousands of its residents their lives every single year. Opioids, particularly Fentanyl and heroin, are the leading drugs in the state. The state ranks in the top 10 for illicit use of painkillers. Opioid-related overdose rates in Ohio are by far some of the highest in the country.

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  • How Does Drug Addiction Develop?

    Although there are many models that attempt to explain the development of addiction, it is most commonly understood as a three-stage process.

    The first stage of addiction is initiated by a desire to “feel good” and involves the use of alcohol or drugs in order to get high. For some users, this can be intense and can occur immediately. For others, this may take time as they learn how to use the substances in ways that produce the desired effects.

    The second stage of addiction is characterized by the development of tolerance. This means that in order to achieve the same level of intoxication, more substances must be used.

    The third stage is characterized by the user engaging in problematic behaviors to obtain drugs or alcohol, or using these substances even when it has negative consequences.

    What is a Dual Diagnosis?

    Dual diagnosis is an addiction problem that occurs at the same time as another mental health issue. In some cases, this is a diagnosed mental health issue. In others, individuals may not know that they have another diagnosis until going through Findlay drug treatment.

    The most commonly diagnosed mental health conditions are depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

    One way that these conditions often overlap is through co-occurring disorders. This occurs when someone experiences symptoms of depression and anxiety, for example, at the same time.

    How Do I Know If Treatment Centers Are High Quality?

    When looking for Findlay, Ohio addiction treatment centers, you should look for several things that will help to ensure that you get the best possible care.

    The first thing that you should look at is the credentials of the treatment facility. This means that qualified professionals with proper licensure are providing the services. You should also look into the education that each clinician has received because this is an indication of their level of expertise.

    In addition, you may consider the facility’s record of success. This means that they have a good track record of helping people with similar problems.

    Community support is another important factor. Findlay drug rehab centers should be able to offer aftercare services and other options to ensure that you get the help that you need after completing treatment.

    How Long Will I Need to be in Treatment?

    The length of time that you should spend in Findlay, Ohio drug treatment will vary depending on a number of factors. These include your age, drug use history, and the type of treatment that you receive.

    In general, if you enter drug treatment voluntarily, you will spend around 30 days in treatment. If you are court-ordered or admitted against your will, you might be in treatment for up to 90 days.

    In most cases, the first phase of treatment lasts for about two weeks. In this time, you will receive a thorough medical and psychological evaluation as well as develop the skills needed to prevent relapse.

    How Do I Know if Rehab is Working?

    If the time has come to get clean, you are probably wondering if your addiction rehab program is doing its job. There are many signs that indicate you are on the path to recovery. Some of these signs include:

    • You being free of cravings
    • Have more energy and enthusiasm for life
    • Can cope with boredom and stress without turning to drugs
    • Have a clear mind thinking about the future
    • Feel better about yourself and your abilities
    • Feel hope for your future
    • No desire to spend time with negative people
    • Improved relationships with family and friends
    • Better eating habits
    • You are happy with life in general

      If you are experiencing even one of these signs, your addiction rehab program is working. Never give up hope if the road to recovery is a bumpy one. The temptation to use drugs or alcohol will never completely go away, but you don’t have to give into it.

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