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The drug addiction and abuse problem in New Castle, Pennsylvania is unfortunately quite severe. According to statistics, there were over 100 hospitalizations related to drug abuse in the area each year. Additionally, drug-related emergency room visits increased 130% between 2008 and 2018. The most common drugs abused in New Castle are meth, heroin, prescription drugs, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, and alcohol.

Taking the first step towards sobriety is an important decision, but it can be difficult to know where to start. The best way for someone who is struggling with addiction in New Castle to overcome their problems is with professional help from a reputable drug treatment facility near them.

There’s opportunity for rehabilitation and a better future with a variety of drug and alcohol treatment services offered throughout the state, here’s what we have for New Castle. We list many of the best drug treatment facilities and centers in New Castle, most of them with their own unique qualities.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment in New Castle, PA

One of the most common reasons that people seek out professional help for drug and alcohol use in New Castle, Pennsylvania is because they want to maintain a lifestyle of sobriety. At rehab facilities, they can work with therapists and doctors to develop a personalized plan for recovery that addresses their specific needs and concerns.

People at rehab facilities can also get help with other aspects of their life that were issued before they began using drugs or alcohol, such as finding a job, working on personal relationships, and staying active and healthy. The support that is provided at rehab facilities can be invaluable for someone who wants to maintain their new sober lifestyle.

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What types of treatment are available in New Castle, Pennsylvania?

There are many different drug treatment options available for people in New Castle, Pennsylvania who want to get sober. Some of the most common treatments include inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab, and detox programs.

Inpatient rehab is a residential treatment program where patients live at the facility while they receive treatment. This type of program is typically recommended for people who have a severe addiction or who have had multiple failed attempts at rehabilitation.

Outpatient rehab is a less-intensive treatment option where patients visit the facility for treatment sessions during the day but then return home in the evening. This type of program is recommended for people who have less severe addictions or who cannot leave their work or family obligations to attend an inpatient program.

Detox is the process of ridding one’s body of drugs and alcohol. When someone addicted to substances stops using them abruptly, they will experience withdrawal symptoms. Detox programs are used to suppress withdrawal symptoms and reduce the risk of having a severe or fatal withdrawal, typically by slowly tapering one’s intake of the substance until it is stopped altogether.

Drug Abuse Statistics in New Castle, Pennsylvania

One of the most prevalent types of drug abuse in New Castle, Pennsylvania is prescription drug abuse. In 2019, it was estimated that around 9% of all high school students in the area had used prescription drugs for non-medical purposes at least once.

In a survey, around 22% who abused prescription drugs said that they got them for free from a relative or friend. It was also estimated that about 1 person in New Castle dies from a drug overdose each month.

  • Around 2.8% of people in New Castle age 12 and up had used meth at least once during the past year.
  • Roughly 12.5% of people arrested in New Castle tested positive for an illegal drug when they were taken into custody.
  • About 14% of people who were admitted to drug rehabs were addicted to heroin.
  • About 26% of people admitted to New Castle drug rehabs were under 25 years old.

Additional Treatment Centers in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania ranks 14th in the nation for drug-related deaths. More than 10% of all deaths in Pennsylvania have been related to drugs and alcohol. 30% of Pennsylvania youth reportedly drink alcohol monthly, with more than 20,000 teenagers having an alcohol problem. The rate of opioid misuse in Pennsylvania is double the national average.

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  • What Is The Most Effective Treatment?

    According to research, the most effective type of treatment for drug addiction is medication-assisted treatment. With this form of rehab, people who are addicted to drugs are given medications to help them get sober and prevent a relapse.

    The most common type of drug used in medication-assisted treatment is naltrexone. Naltrexone is an opioid-receptor antagonist that works by blocking the effects of opiates in the brain. People who have a history of abusing opiates may find it especially helpful to take naltrexone since it can prevent them from feeling high when they use opiate drugs.

    People who are addicted to alcohol may also experience benefits from medication-assisted treatment. Acamprosate can be helpful because it can help people get through alcohol withdrawal and reduce their cravings for alcohol.

    Does Rehab Work For Everyone?

    Not everyone who goes through rehab successfully becomes sober. There are many factors that can affect how likely someone is to be successful in their recovery, such as whether or not they have a support system in place.

    People who receive the right type of care and support from their families, friends, and employers are more likely to live a life of sobriety. Additionally, people who have access to psychological services are also much more likely to maintain their recovery.

    What Is The Success Rate Of Rehab?

    Research studies have shown that rehabs can be successful in increasing someone’s life expectancy and decreasing the number of relapses they experience. For example, a study found that treatment programs had a 12% increase in participants’ life expectancy.

    In addition, research shows that people who undergo rehab and remain sober for at least 5 years after treatment had a 43% success rate. People who have been sober for a longer period of time have a higher success rate, with 94% of people being sober for more than 5 years and 86% of people being sober for more than 10 years.

    Does Rehab Expensive?

    Rehab facilities can be expensive, although insurance or other types of payment options may help with the cost. The cost of rehab clinics depends on several factors, including the type of services they provide.

    For example, a detox program is often more expensive than a non-treatment facility because it requires ongoing care and supervision. The cost of the specific services provided by a rehab clinic often depends on whether or not they are covered by health insurance.

    Some rehab clinics offer payment plans to help people afford their care. In addition, many treatment centers work with financing companies to help make rehab more affordable.

    How Long Does It Take To Recover?

    The amount of time needed for recovery varies from person to person, and some people need a longer period of treatment than others. In general, the length of someone’s rehab stay depends on several factors, including their age and whether or not they have a dual diagnosis.

    Although there is no specific time frame for someone to become sober after rehab, research shows that the odds of relapse decrease significantly after a year. In addition, many people can become sober within 6 months of undergoing rehab.

    Tips for Enrolling in a Drug Rehab Center 

    The first step towards becoming sober is to enroll in a drug rehab center. Here are some tips for enrolling in the best type of facility for your situation:

    1. Get a list of rehab clinics in New Castle, PA
    2. Set up an initial consultation to learn more about the different types of rehab clinics and treatment
    3. Find out what type of insurance coverage you have to see which options are covered
    4. Ask other people who have gone through rehab what facility they recommend
    5. Decide which type of facility will best suit your personality and body chemistry
    6. Research the cost of rehab in New Castle, PA, and find out what payment options you have
    7. Find out if the treatment center offers aftercare services and what they entail
    8. Set up a consultation to see which rehab center will best suit you
    9. Look for a rehab center that specializes in the treatment of your drug of choice or any co-occurring conditions.

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