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The drug addiction problem in Jackson, TN is fairly bad. According to recent statistics, there are about 4,000 people in the city that struggle with some form of drug addiction. This accounts for about 8% of the population.

The leading drug of choice in Jackson, Tennessee is marijuana. This seems to be the case because it’s one of the most accessible drugs. According to recent statistics, about 1 in 12 deaths are due to drug-related problems. The most common drugs associated with these fatalities were opioids and heroin.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Jackson, TN

When it comes to drug and alcohol treatment, there are a number of different options that you can go with. There’s inpatient, outpatient, and even group therapy. The best way to find the treatment option that is right for you is to contact an addiction specialist who deals with drug abuse problems often, and they will be able to help direct you towards the best option available based on your personal circumstances.

The most common drug rehab programs are 12 step programs. These are community-based programs that include addicts becoming sponsors of fellow addicts. This is the only way to get sober, and it’s done through self-reflection and helping others with similar problems.

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What Types of Treatment are Available in Jackson, Tennessee?

When it comes to drug addiction treatment, there are a variety of options available in Jackson, Tennessee. Some of the most common types of treatment include inpatient, outpatient therapy, and residential treatment.

Inpatient is a program that allows you to safely withdraw from your drug of choice under medical supervision. You will receive medications to help with any withdrawal symptoms you may experience during the process, such as nausea or cravings for drugs or alcohol.

Outpatient therapy is a program that allows you to continue living at home while receiving treatment for your addiction. This type of program is typically best suited for people who have already completed an inpatient detox program.

Residential treatment is a program that requires you to live in a facility while going through addiction treatment. This is a good option for people who need more intensive treatment in order to get sober, or if they’ve relapsed in the past.

Drug Abuse Statistics in Jackson, Tennessee

The data from the most recent report is from 2012, but numbers have been continually increasing in Jackson, TN since 2007, and 2007-2012 represents a 65% increase in the number of adults who have slipped into drug abuse. Drugs causing the most damage are heroin, marijuana, and prescription painkillers.

And as a result of drug-related events, there were 44 emergency room visits in Jackson, TN for 2012. In 2011, the number was 1120 which shows a 13% decrease from 2012 rates.

  • 0.8% of adults in Jackson needed substance abuse treatment.
  • The rate of heroin addicts has increased by 30% over the past three years.
  • The overdose death rate in Jackson, TN is 11.2 per 100,000 people, with 1.7 people dying from overdoses each day on average.
  • Rates of marijuana abuse have increased by 60%.

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Tennessee joins the list of states with an above-average rate for drug and/or alcohol-induced deaths. Most of these deaths are related to opioids, such as prescription opioids. The Volunteer State ranks 2nd highest in the nation for the number of prescriptions given out. The state also ranks at the top for prescription drug-related overdoses.

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  • Can Drug Abuse Cause Long-Term Health Problems?

    Long-term drug abuse can lead to serious health problems, including: 

    • Mental illness – People who suffer from mental illnesses are more likely to develop a substance use disorder. Drugs and alcohol can worsen symptoms of some mental illnesses. They may also cause new mental problems to arise, such as paranoia or hallucinations.
    • Heart problems – Drug abuse causes the heart to work harder than it normally does, which can lead to high blood pressure or an enlarged heart. 
    • Liver damage – Drugs and alcohol are processed by the liver, so when too much of them are present in the body at once, they can cause inflammation and even death of liver cells.
    • Cancer – Tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol can increase a person’s risk of certain cancers. For example, long-term cigarette smoking increases the risk of lung cancer. Using marijuana puts users at an increased risk for respiratory cancer. And heavy drinking raises a person’s risk for liver cancer.

    Why I Can Die From Drug Abuse?

    Drugs can affect your breathing and heart rate, which can cause death. Even if you don’t overdose on drugs or alcohol, mixing the substances together is very dangerous. Each substance impacts how the body processes another substance, so when they are mixed together in the body at once, it creates a toxic reaction that could lead to death.

    Additionally, drug abuse can lead to serious mental health problems, which increases the risk of suicide. This is especially common among people who suffer from substance use disorders.

    What Can I Do To Detox And Get Sober?

    Detox is the first part of drug addiction treatment. It typically takes place in an inpatient facility, and it allows the person to safely withdraw from their drug of choice under medical supervision. They will receive medications to help with any withdrawal symptoms they may experience during the process, such as nausea or cravings for drugs or alcohol.

    It’s also important to remember that detox is not treatment – it’s the first step towards recovery, which you can then continue through an outpatient or residential treatment program.

    Signs You Should Seek Drug And Alcohol Treatment

    If you or someone you love is experiencing any of the following problems, it is a good idea to seek out drug and alcohol treatment:

    • Physical or psychological dependence – If you start to rely on drugs and alcohol in order to cope with stress and anxiety, it may be a sign that you are physically and psychologically addicted to these substances.
    • Negative impacts on life – If drug use is influencing how you act at home or in your personal relationships, it may be time to seek out treatment. Also, if your job performance has suffered due to drugs or alcohol, then it’s important for you to get help before things get worse.
    • Legal problems – If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence or committing another crime while you were using drugs, it’s a good idea to talk with an addiction treatment professional about your options.

    How Can I Choose The Right Drug Rehab?

    You can’t just walk into any drug rehab and expect to get the same results. Different drug and alcohol treatment facilities have different approaches to addiction treatment. Also, not all rehabs are equipped for every kind of substance use disorder. This is why it’s important that you speak to a professional about what you’re looking for in an addiction treatment center before you make your final decision.

    They should be able to provide you with information on the program, staff members, and therapists. They should also be able to tell you more about the clinical services offered by the program – everything from inpatient to outpatient therapy.

    Are You Struggling With Addiction?

    Does it seem like you’re always trying to quit drugs and alcohol, but you never get past the first few days? Do you find yourself repeatedly going through the process of recovery and relapse? If so, it’s time to consider getting professional help.

    It’s not impossible to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. However, it does require the right combination of support, motivation, and clinical treatment.

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