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The drug addiction problem in Midland, TX is relatively moderate when compared to other parts of the country. However, there has been a steady increase in drug-related deaths in the area in recent years. This is likely due to the growing popularity of opioids and other synthetic drugs. Some of the major types of drugs that are abused in Midland include marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, crack, heroin, and prescription drugs.

People who use and abuse drugs often land up in emergency rooms. This is because drug abuse increases the risk of accidents, injuries, and overdoses. Drug rehabilitation programs can help an individual recover from drug addiction.

Midland has resources for healthcare and a happy future with a range of drug and alcohol recovery programs all located within Texas. Find out about a facility that suits your needs on our list below, or contact us for individual recommendations.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Midland, TX

Midland has a number of drug and alcohol treatment facilities. Some of the major types of treatments for drug addiction offered in Midland include inpatient and outpatient rehab, medication therapy, and relapse prevention therapy. The facilities also offer detoxification for individuals who want to quit using drugs or alcohol abruptly.

The best drug treatment facilities in Midland provide individualized addiction treatment programs. This means that the facility evaluates a person’s drug use history, mental health issues, and personal preferences to create a unique plan of care.

Ready to pick a rehab center in Midland? Get off alcohol, opiates, and other drugs, by selecting top drug rehab centers in Texas

What Types of Treatment Are Available in Midland, Texas?

There are a number of drug and alcohol treatment centers in Midland, TX that can help an individual recover from addiction. Some of these centers offer inpatient or residential treatment, while others offer outpatient treatment.

Inpatient or residential treatment involves staying at the treatment center for a certain period of time. This is usually a more intensive type of treatment and is ideal for people who have a severe addiction.

Outpatient treatment allows an individual to continue living at home while receiving treatment. This type of treatment is less intensive than inpatient treatment and is suitable for people with mild to moderate addiction.

Both inpatient and outpatient treatments typically involve counseling and therapy sessions. These sessions can help an individual learn how to cope with cravings and triggers, develop effective coping strategies, and prepare for a drug-free life.

Drug Abuse Statistics in Midland, Texas

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reported that around 10,000 people aged 12 years or older in Midland have used an illicit drug at least once in the past month.

Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in Midland. Around 3,000 people aged 12 years or older have used this illicit drug within the past month. Prescription painkillers are also widely abused. Close to 1000 people aged 12 years or older have misused them within the past month.

  • Around 8% of people over the age of 12 report using an illicit drug in the past month.
  • 3% of adults on average use an illicit drug other than marijuana.
  • The rate of drug use among young adults (ages 18 to 25) is about 6%.
  • Most teens (56%) aged 12 to 17 report that it is “fairly easy” or “very easy” for them to obtain marijuana.

Additional Treatment Centers in Texas

Texas is one of the primary hubs for drug smuggling into the country. The border between Texas and Mexico is more than 1,000 miles long. More than 10 million residents use alcohol every year and more than 25% of those are minors. Alcohol and drug use has become so common in Texas that almost 15% of all deaths can be attributed to these substances.

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  • Effects of Drug Abuse

    Long-term drug abuse can have a number of detrimental effects on a person’s health and well-being. For instance, a person might be at risk of contracting HIV or hepatitis C from sharing needles with other drug users.

    Drug abuse can also lead to chronic health problems. Some of the most common health issues linked to drug addiction include heart and respiratory conditions, skin conditions, and mental health disorders. Drug use can also cause fertility problems in men and women.

    People who have been abusing drugs for a long time might have poor coping skills. Many people also have low self-esteem and a sense of hopelessness, which can lead to suicidal tendencies in some cases.

    How to Stop Drug Abuse and Addiction?

    People who want to start a drug and alcohol treatment program must first get an evaluation from a licensed physician. This is necessary because drug abuse might have serious medical consequences. For instance, drug abuse can lead to heart and respiratory conditions.

    It is important that family members support the person in their recovery from drug addiction. The person might have to attend support group meetings, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

    Treatment programs often use a combination of different approaches, such as individual and group counseling, relapse prevention therapy, and aftercare services. This increases the chances of recovering from drug addiction.

    How to Find Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facilities?

    If a person needs drug treatment, they should start looking for a facility as soon as possible. This is because some rehabilitation programs have long waiting lists.

    The person can start by calling a drug rehab facility and asking about the admissions procedure. They should also look up local centers on the internet, and call them up. They can ask about the types of services offered and whether there is a waiting list. If there is, they should ask how long it is. They should also ask about the cost of the program and whether insurance covers any or all of these expenses.

    How to Find the Best Drug Treatment Facility?

    The best drug treatment facility is one that provides personalized care for everyone. The person should look for facilities with qualified addiction treatment counselors, psychiatrists, and nurses.

    The facility should have a good medical staff. This is because drug abuse might have serious side effects that need immediate medical attention. The staff should have experience in treating drug use disorders, mental health issues, and co-occurring conditions.

    The person should look for facilities that offer intensive outpatient rehab. This type of drug treatment focuses on helping people get their lives back to normal, while also teaching them how to avoid relapsing.

    The Importance of Family Support

    It is important for family members to support the person in their recovery from drug addiction. They should avoid confrontations and instead offer love and support. They should also encourage the person to stay in treatment, even if they relapse.

    The person in recovery should understand that family members are not perfect. They might have made mistakes in the past, but this does not mean that they do not love the person. The family members should also seek professional help for themselves.

    Keep Yourself Distracted From Drugs

    One of the best ways to recover from drug addiction is to keep yourself distracted. The person should maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly, eating well, and getting enough sleep.

    They should keep their social circle healthy by hanging out with friends who are not involved in drug abuse. They can also volunteer for an organization, or do something fun with their time.

    The person should also avoid people or places that might trigger them to use drugs. If the person continues to find it difficult to avoid drugs, they should seek professional help. An addiction counselor can assess their triggers and help them cope with the cravings when they arise.

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