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The problem of drug addiction and abuse is a serious one in Suffolk, Virginia. The most commonly abused drugs in Suffolk include marijuana, prescription painkillers, and heroin. Substance abuse can lead to a number of serious problems, including incarceration, job loss, financial hardship, health issues, and relationship troubles.

There are a number of reasons why drug abuse is so rampant in Suffolk. Some of the most common factors include easy access to drugs, the high level of stress that people experience in this area, and the lack of available treatment options. Additionally, there is also a strong culture of drug abuse in Suffolk, which makes it difficult for people to break free from their addiction.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Suffolk, VA

The only way to effectively treat drug and alcohol addiction is through comprehensive treatment. The best option for addicts in Suffolk, VA is a combination of therapies and medication, such as Suboxone and methadone.

There are a number of reasons why comprehensive treatment is the best option for addicts. Many people think that treatment is just about getting sober, but the truth is that there’s much more to it than that. Treatment helps addicts address the root cause of their addiction so that they can live a healthy and fulfilling life in the future.

List of alcohol and drug treatment centers near you in Suffolk, Virginia. Research certifications, programs, methods, pricing, and more.

What Types of Treatment Are Available in Suffolk, Virginia?

There are a number of different drug treatment options available in Suffolk, Virginia. Some of the most common treatments include residential treatment, outpatient treatment, and detoxification.

Residential treatment is an intensive treatment option that requires people to live at the treatment facility for a certain period of time. This type of treatment is ideal for people who have a severe addiction and require intensive care.

Outpatient treatment is less intensive than residential treatment and allows people to continue living at home while attending therapy sessions. This type of treatment is ideal for people who have a mild or moderate addiction.

Detoxification is the process of helping people to overcome drug addiction by allowing them to withdraw from drugs slowly. Detoxification treatment is usually kept fairly short and can take place within a hospital or at an addiction treatment facility.

Drug Abuse Statistics in Suffolk, Virginia

Drug abuse in Suffolk is pretty alarming. According to a survey, almost 9% of the population abuses drugs. In addition, drug overdoses have become one of the leading causes of death in Suffolk, with an average of more than 2 people dying from a drug overdose every day.

Statistics show that drug abuse is more common in people aged 18 to 25 years. It was estimated about 15.1% of people in this age group used illicit drugs. Additionally, more than 6% of young adults abuse prescription drugs.

  • Drug abuse is responsible for 25% of all violent crimes that occur in Suffolk.
  • Out of all the drug arrests made in Suffolk, 70% of them were for possession and 30% of them were for trafficking.
  • Approximately 44% of all drug-related trips to the emergency room involve the use of heroin or prescription painkillers.
  • Drug overdose deaths have increased more than 100% in the last decade.

Additional Treatment Centers in Virginia

The state of Virginia has been struggling with substance use and abuse like the rest of the United States. A little over 10% of the entire Virginia population uses drugs and almost 5% abuse alcohol every given year. This has led to almost 6.5% of all deaths in Virginia being somehow related to alcohol and/or drugs.

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  • What Is Comprehensive Treatment?

    Comprehensive treatment is a multistep program that addicts must follow in order to overcome their addiction. This process typically involves counseling, group programs, medication, aftercare, and other activities designed to help addicts overcome their addiction. This process helps them learn how to live a life free of drugs.

    Comprehensive treatment features 6 stages, which are detoxification, rehabilitation, therapy, support groups, medication management or maintenance, and relapse prevention.

    The first step is detoxification, where addicts are physically and mentally prepared for the withdrawal process. The next stage in this process is rehabilitation. Rehabilitation helps addicts learn why they became addicted to drugs, how to cope with cravings, and how to avoid relapsing in the future.

    During therapy, addicts are guided through group sessions meant to help them understand their addiction. Counseling helps them learn how to stay sober and lead a fulfilling life while medication management helps addicts get the right kind of support from the right medications.

    Casual or supportive group sessions are a part of this process that provides social support for addicts, which is especially important in a highly stressful environment such as Suffolk, Virginia.

    The next stage is relapse prevention where addicts learn how to avoid relapsing in the future and have a healthy outlook on life.

    When Is Comprehensive Treatment Needed?

    Many people who live in Suffolk, VA believe that they can overcome their addiction through sheer willpower. However, this is not true because substance abuse disorders require professional treatment. There are several signs that indicate the need for professional treatment, such as:

    • Frequent use of drugs or alcohol despite being fully aware of their harmful effects. This typically involves a drastic change in a person’s behavior.
    • Being unable to control the impulse to take drugs even when they understand how detrimental it is to their health and overall well-being.
    • Neglecting important activities such as family, friends, and work in favor of abusing drugs or alcohol.
    • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when they stop using drugs or alcohol.
    • Inability to stop using drugs or drinking even when they want to.

    Where Can I Find Drug And Alcohol Treatment?

    There are a number of addiction treatment facilities in Suffolk, VA as well as throughout Virginia. Before choosing treatment, you should do some research into the facilities in the area. Addiction recovery centers that offer effective treatment tend to have the following qualities:

    • They’re holistic in nature. Holistic treatment centers use a combination of therapies designed to treat the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of addiction.
    • They offer comprehensive treatment rather than only one form of therapy, medication, or support group. They help patients find long-term recovery.
    • They provide evidence-based treatment, so you can be sure that your loved ones are getting the best treatment possible.
    • They have a high success rate, which you can find by reading reviews or looking at the facility’s credentials.
    • They have an experienced staff. You should look into the facility’s staff credentials.

    How to Reduce the Risk of Relapse

    Once you’ve completed substance abuse treatment, it’s crucial to take measures to avoid relapsing. These include addressing the root causes of addiction, participating in a support group, and joining a community of fellow recovering addicts.

    Recovery is a lifelong process which means that you’ll need to develop a set of survival skills for handling negative thoughts and emotions that inevitably arises in everyday life.

    Addicts have to learn how to deal with the triggers that cause them to abuse drugs and alcohol. Therefore, it’s important to figure out what those triggers are so you can develop strategies for avoiding them.

    For example, if you know spending time with a certain set of friends always leads you to abuse drugs or alcohol, then it’s a good idea to avoid them until you’ve built up your resistance. Similarly, you should learn how to recognize the signs that you’re about to relapse and get help before it’s too late.

    List of alcohol and drug treatment centers near you in Suffolk, Virginia. Research certifications, programs, methods, pricing, and more. (888) 674-0062

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