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Lacey is located in an area of Washington that is particularly hard hit by the opioid epidemic. These problems are also exacerbated by high rates of poverty and mental illness. The combination of these factors creates a perfect storm for addiction problems. Other than opioids such as heroin and prescription drugs common drugs of abuse in Lacey include methamphetamine, alcohol, and marijuana.

Individuals who abuse drugs and alcohol in Lacey put themselves at risk for developing serious health problems, including addiction. Addiction is a disease that affects the brain and changes the way a person thinks, feels, and behaves. Once someone is addicted to a substance, they will continue to use it despite negative consequences. Quitting is extremely difficult and requires professional help.

Find a facility on our list below that fits your needs, or call us for individualized support. There is hope for recovery and a new life with a number of drug and alcohol addiction programs available throughout Lacey.

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Information About Substance Abuse and Addiction in Lacey, WA

The city has been working with the Thurston County Sheriff’s Department and the Olympia Police Department to create a Joint Operations Group to address the drug problem. This task force has had some success in arresting dealers and shutting down meth labs. However, they have been less successful in getting people into treatment and recovery programs.

This is where addiction treatment centers come in. Addiction treatment centers can provide the necessary support and resources to help people struggling with addiction get and stay sober.

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What types of treatment are available in Lacey, WA

There are various treatment options available in Lacey, WA. These include inpatient and outpatient programs, as well as 12-step programs and support groups.

Inpatient programs require you to live at the treatment facility for a certain period of time, usually 30 days to 90 days. During this time, you will receive around-the-clock care from medical and mental health professionals.

Outpatient programs allow you to live at home while you receive treatment. These programs typically meet for a few hours each week.

12-step programs are based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. These programs provide support and fellowship for people in recovery.

Support groups are typically peer-led and offer a safe space to share your experiences and feelings. These groups can be helpful in maintaining sobriety.

Drug and Alcohol Statistics in Lacey, Washington

In 2018, Thurston County had more than 400 deaths due to accidents, overdoses, and suicides. Of these, 22% were due to overdoses. What’s more, the number of overdose deaths has been increasing in by an average of 4% every year since 2004. This is likely due to the increasing availability of drugs, particularly opioids.

The rate of substances abuse in Thurston County is higher than the national average. In 2017, nearly 10% of residents reported using illicit drugs in the past month. This is compared to the 8% of Americans who reported using drugs in the past month.

  • 14% of Lacey residents who reported abusing alcohol are considered binge drinkers.
  • 23% of adolescents aged 12-17 already drink alcohol.
  • 16% of hospitalizations in Thurston County involve substance abuse.
  • 26% of admission to treatment programs in Thurston County are for people aged 18-25.

Additional Treatment Centers in Washington

Washington's substance use, abuse, and addiction rates have followed the trends of the rest of the over the past years. Methamphetamine abuse is the biggest threat to Washington. Heroin-related overdoses increased by almost 450% from 2006 to 2016. 20% of all annual deaths in Washington are somehow drug and/or alcohol-related. Drugs are widely abused in Washington because they are easily trafficked in and out of the state.

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  • Comprehensive drug rehabilitation programs in Lacey, Washington

    Comprehensive drug rehabilitation programs provide a variety of services that are designed to meet the unique needs of each individual. Services may include individual and group counseling, medication-assisted treatment, and educational classes.

    The length of time a person remains in treatment depends on their individual needs and progress. In general, most people stay in treatment for 30 to 90 days. However, some people may need to stay longer if they have a co-occurring mental health disorder or a history of relapsing.

    Some programs may also offer aftercare services, such as sober living houses and alumni groups. These services can provide additional support during early recovery when people are at a higher risk of relapse.

    What difference between abstinence-based and faith-based programs in Lacey, Washington?

    Abstinence-based addiction treatment programs focus on helping people stop using drugs and alcohol. These programs usually involve some form of counseling, such as individual or group therapy. Medication may also be used to help manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

    Faith-based addiction treatment programs incorporate religious teachings and practices into treatment. These programs may be based on the 12-step model, which is used by Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

    Abstinence-based programs typically have a more structured approach to treatment, with set goals and guidelines that participants must follow. This type of program may be more successful in helping people achieve sobriety and maintain long-term recovery.

    Faith-based programs may be more flexible and allow participants to tailor treatment to their individual needs and beliefs. This type of program may be more successful in helping people develop a stronger sense of purpose and meaning, which can help them stay sober.

    What types of therapies are used in Lacey, Washington addiction treatment programs?

    Some of the most common types of therapies used in addiction treatment programs include individual counseling, group therapy, and family therapy.

    Individual counseling can help you address the underlying causes of your addiction and develop healthy coping mechanisms. These include cognitive-behavioral therapy, which helps you identify and change negative thought patterns, and motivational interviewing, which helps you explore your ambivalence about changing your behavior.

    Group therapy can provide support and accountability. These groups usually focus on a specific topic, such as recovery from trauma or grief. Family therapy can help heal relationships that have been damaged by addiction.

    What indicator will help me know if an addiction treatment program is successful in Lacey, Washington?

    One of the best indicators of a successful addiction treatment program is whether or not it is accredited by the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission is an independent, nonprofit organization that accredits and certifies healthcare organizations and programs in the United States.

    Accreditation by the Joint Commission means that an addiction treatment program has met certain standards of quality and safety. This is a good indicator that the program is successful in helping people recover from addiction.

    In addition, you can also ask about the program’s success rate. This is the percentage of people who complete the program and stay sober for a certain period of time, such as one year. A program’s success rate can give you an idea of how well it works for people who complete it.

    You can ask directly about a program’s accreditation and success rate, or you can look for this information on the program’s website.

    Should I expect to pay for addiction treatment in Lacey, Washington?

    The cost of addiction treatment can vary. Some programs may be covered by insurance, while others may require payment in full.

    If you have insurance, check with your provider to see if addiction treatment is covered. If it is not, ask about payment options. Some programs may offer scholarships or sliding-scale fees based on income.

    If you do not have insurance, there are still options for financing addiction treatment. You can look into government programs, private organizations, and charities that may offer financial assistance. You can also ask the treatment program if they offer payment plans.

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