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The Bridge, Inc. is a private, non-profit treatment center for addiction. They provide treatment and recovery programs for men and women who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. The Bridge, Inc.’s programs include outpatient counseling, partial hospitalization (extended hours of care), residential treatment (intensive inpatient), methadone maintenance (opiate addiction), and substance abuse education.

The Bridge Inc operates treatment centers for drug addicts with the goal of helping them live sober. They offer addiction treatment services in both inpatient and outpatient settings, as well as support groups to make it easier for recovering addicts to stay clean. Our website features an extensive list of the services they provide, along with information on how you can get started today!

Our directory lists # of the The Bridge’s Centers. The Bridge was founded in 1974, when a local minister volunteered his time to assist people with substance use disorders and help combat the growing drug problem northeast Alabama. His vision for The Bridge came from this tenacity; he enlisted other volunteers who were committed enough like him so that today we see one of America’s strongest resources: A safe place for all seeking help or information on drugs and addiction recovery programs available near you!

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