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Should I Travel for Rehab?

One of the first questions anyone could ask after deciding to seek help for their addiction problem is “should I travel for rehab or stay local?”.

Well, the answer to this question depends on many factors that all come down to your personal situation.

Both traveling to rehab and staying local have their pros and cons. To help you make the right decision, here’s a quick guide to show you what each one of them has to offer. 

4 Reasons You Should Travel For Rehab

Fresh Start

While traveling makes it a bit cumbersome to your loved ones to visit, it might be everything you need to recover. 

The feeling of a new place far from home might give you the “new beginnings” feeling you’re looking for. 

So, when you leave your local area, you’ll be as far from emotional triggers as possible, which usually affects your mentality and reduce your desire to get back to your “old self”.

Helps You Avoid the Urge to Leave Early

As you know, in most cases, you can voluntarily leave treatment early, which is always a problem if you’re at a local rehab.

It’s always the first few weeks that put a lot of pressure on people to leave treatment early, especially when they’re close to their homes.


A lot of people are hesitant to go to rehab for the fear of the impact on their social and professional lives. 

While it’s easier to meet someone who knows you in a local rehab, traveling for rehab helps you minimize the odds of that happening. Travelling ensures privacy, which grants you a more stable life after sobriety.

Widens Quality

If you decide to choose a local rehab, you’ll have to settle for what’s offered. This means a chance for limiting yourself to lower quality or overpriced treatment based on where you live.

Once you take a decision for traveling, you’ll unlock the potential for finding the best rehab center for your needs. This includes better treatment facilities, staff, or locations.

Benefits of Staying Local for Rehab

Makes it Easier for Loved Ones to Visit for Emotional Support

As previously mentioned, going to rehab is always a tough decision and having emotional support from your loved ones is always greatly welcomed and even crucial in some situations.

While traveling makes it harder for them to visit, staying at a local rehab solves this problem neatly!

Keep in mind that in some cases, your loved ones might be the actual distraction during your journey to recovery. In that case, you shouldn’t opt for local rehabs.

Easier After-Treatment Plan

Travelling might have a slight edge during treatment. However, it’s much more difficult for the staff to create an after-treatment plan if you’ll be out of town, including support groups.

On the other hand, local rehabs are much more familiar with your area and the treatment resources there, so they create a much better plan.

Not only that but you can always visit for help and information, as they’re just a few miles away from you.

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff