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Nirvana Drug and Alcohol Institute - Women of Hope

  • Modesto, CA
  • Accredited
  • Drug Detox
  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient

Nirvana Drug and Alcohol Institute - Women of Hope in Modesto, CA, focuses on gender-specific care for adult women struggling with addiction. Established in 1997, it offers residential inpatient treatment and intensive outpatient programs tailored for women. The facility houses 16 beds, providing a supportive inpatient environment.

Licensed by the State Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) and listed on the SAMHSA treatment locator, Nirvana Drug and Alcohol Institute - Women of Hope aims to provide comprehensive care and support for women battling addiction.

  • Residential inpatient treatment lasting 30-60 days offers a structured and supportive environment for recovery.
  • Intensive outpatient programs include group therapy sessions 3-4 days per week, along with individual counseling.
  • Detoxification services help clients safely withdraw from substances under medical supervision.
  • Evidence-based therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy and trauma-related counseling support lasting recovery.

The program specializes in treating substance use disorders, including alcohol and drug addiction. Women benefit most from their gender-specific, nurturing environment that addresses unique addiction issues.

  • 1+ Accreditations
  • SAMHSA Listed
  • 10 Conditions Treated
  • Insurance Accepted
  • 4 Levels of Care
  • 12 Therapies & Programs



Conditions and Issues Treated

Substance Abuse + Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse typically leads to addiction, which requires specialized treatment programs at Nirvana Drug and Alcohol Institute - Women of Hope to address. Many people benefit from inpatient drug rehabilitation, which includes inpatient acute care and residential rehabilitation. Other levels of care include intensive outpatient therapy, individual counseling, and support groups. Family therapy is also an essential part of treatment for substance abuse.

A combination of treatments is often needed to treat drug abuse issues effectively. In the case of drug abuse, there is no easy answer or one-size-fits-all cure.

Opioid + Opiate Addiction Treatment in Modesto, CA

Opioids are a series of medicines that are used for pain relief. Opioid addiction refers to the compulsive pursuit of opioids, even though they are not medically needed. Medication-assisted therapy at Nirvana Drug and Alcohol Institute - Women of Hope in Modesto, CA requires care in which both medications, medication, and behavioral treatments are used.

Levels of Care

This center offers a variety of custom treatment tailored to individual recovery. Currently available are Aftercare Support, Detox, Inpatient, Outpatient, with additional therapies available as listed below.

Detox is a drug rehab process that is designed to remove the drug addict from the drug safely. The problem with solely using detox as a sobriety tool is that it alone provides no therapy or counseling. If a person goes through detox and returns to their everyday life, they may begin using again once the detox has worn off.

Detox does not help with cravings, so for some addicts, this can be extremely difficult and should be both done and supervised by medical professionals. Aftercare is crucial, so selecting a facility that offers additional services is important.

Inpatient treatment for addiction is generally not as scary as it might sound. It is a way to find recovery while being in a supportive and controlled environment. The duration of treatment at Nirvana Drug and Alcohol Institute - Women of Hope in Modesto can be different based on each individual. Many can leave after 28 days; some may stay a few months, and others may stay six months or longer.

When remaining at their job in Modesto, or continuing their studies, the individual may live with their family while utilizing Nirvana Drug and Alcohol Institute - Women of Hope‘s outpatient services. Treatment requires counseling the patient at the individual level, in a group setting, about substance addiction, drugs, and therapy sessions.

Aftercare support involves the support given to a Modesto, California patient after they complete treatment. It helps them adjust to normal life. It may include setting them up in a halfway house and enrolling them in programs like Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Nirvana Drug and Alcohol Institute - Women of Hope‘s patients may also be provided with career training to help them get back into the job force.

Therapies & Programs

Individual professional counseling or individual therapy refers to the one-on-one interaction between a patient and his or her counselor at Nirvana Drug and Alcohol Institute - Women of Hope in Modesto, California. Individual therapy allows for more privacy, one that group interactions can’t provide. It makes it easier for the counselor and the patient to deal with the central issues, which are likely the culprits of substance addiction.

Family therapy is a set of therapeutic approaches that assumes that the entire family is a system. It utilizes the strengths and resources of the family to help the patient refrain from resorting to substance abuse. The impact of substance abuse is not just on the patient but on the entire family. Family therapy ensures that the patient gets adequate support from the family members after the treatment making the recovery process sustainable

  • Family therapy guides all the members of the family to help the patient.
  • It helps to repair relationships and improve communication between family members.
  • It helps to keep the patient engaged and motivated throughout the treatment.

Group therapy is an important tool in recovery. Finding a peer group in Modesto, CA and others who relate to your situation is a fundamental tool for recovery at Nirvana Drug and Alcohol Institute - Women of Hope. Addiction tends to lead to isolation and feelings of uniqueness. The accountability and friendship that is found in group therapy can be more effective than any single other treatment approach. This is generally introduced early in recovery and is recommended as a lifetime treatment habit.

Trauma therapy is a way of addressing trauma while in a safe situation in order to heal. This may involve Nirvana Drug and Alcohol Institute - Women of Hope managing individual or group counseling or both. Other forms of therapy have been proven to assist in healing past traumas.

Negative feelings are common in substance abuse disorders. If not recognized, they can cause co-occurring disorders. CBT involves strategies that help to change the thinking and behavioral pattern. It can be administered as a monotherapy as well as a part of combination therapy.

Payment Options

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    Location & Contact

    Nirvana Drug and Alcohol Institute - Women of Hope Location and Directions
    1116 Alice St
    Modesto, CA 95350

    Phone Number
    (209) 578-3132

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    Nirvana Drug and Alcohol Institute - Women of Hope Location and Directions


    • 1116 Alice St
      Modesto, CA 95350
    • (209) 578-3132


    • Gender
      Female, Gender-Exclusive
    • Age
      Adults (20+), Teenagers
    • Modality
      Family, Group, Individuals

    Listed December 11, 2022

    Updated June 24, 2024

    Modesto, California Addiction and Treatment

    More than 3 million of California's citizens are addicted to illegal drugs. Almost 800,000 people use hard drugs, almost 5 million use marijuana, and another 2.1 million abuse alcohol every year. Other substance abuse issues such as binge drinking and teen drug use are also common. Many illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana are smuggled into the state from Mexico.

    Modesto offers a rich tapestry of artistic delights, from the vibrant Downtown Art Walk to the world-class Gallo Center for the Arts. However, beneath this cultural splendor lies a grim reality—in 2021, Stanislaus County recorded 176 fatal drug overdoses, with fentanyl accounting for a staggering 95 cases.

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