Top Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers in Pembroke Pines, Florida

Drug addiction is becoming more prevalent nowadays in Pembroke Pines, FL. Many residents continue to experiment with drugs, misuse prescription medications and engage in harmful drinking behaviors, despite the growing awareness of the harmful effects of these activities.

Drug overdose is now the leading cause of death for individuals below 50 years old in Pembroke Pines and it has been reported that almost 20% of adults currently living in the city abuse alcohol.

As an ongoing problem, drug addiction also makes it challenging for people to continue with their everyday activities. Many of them find it hard to maintain relationships and work performance, among other things. If this is your situation or you know someone who needs help with a drug addiction issue, be sure to seek a drug treatment center in Pembroke Pines immediately.

Search below and find all of the Rehab Centers in Pembroke Pines. We have listed hard to locate alcohol and drug rehab centers. There is hope for recovery and a new life with a number of drug and alcohol addiction programs available throughout Pembroke Pines.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Pembroke Pines, FL

Acting on this situation as fast as possible is the best move that you can do in helping your loved one recover from drug addiction. The longer the individual continues with their drug abuse, the harder it will be for them to get clean and sober.

In Pembroke Pines, drug treatment centers are available to help the individuals who need them in their journey to recovery.

The right drug treatment center can help the individual discover the root cause of their drug abuse problem. It is highly advisable that you choose a facility in Pembroke Pines that uses the evidence-based treatment method.

View options, availability, treatment methods, and more, for drug rehab and alcohol treatment in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

What Types of Treatment Are Available in Pembroke Pines, Florida?

There are many different drug treatment options available in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Some of the most common ones include inpatient and outpatient rehab programs, 12-step programs, and detoxification services.

Inpatient rehab programs require you to stay at the treatment center for a specific period of time, usually 30, 60, or 90 days. Outpatient rehab programs allow you to continue living at home while attending regular therapy sessions at the treatment center.

12-step programs are based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, which is a program that has been successful in helping many people overcome their addiction problems.

Detoxification services are designed to help you rid your body of all traces of the substance that you were using. In many cases, the detox process is followed by a transitional stage where you can gradually get used to living without using drugs or alcohol.

Drug Abuse Statistics in Pembroke Pines, Florida

A study conducted in Pembroke Pines revealed that adolescents in the city are more likely to be involved with drugs. In fact, around 18% of them have experimented with marijuana before they reached 18 years old, while an estimated 5.8% of them are using this drug on a regular basis.

Also, around 16% of high school students in Pembroke Pines have been found to have drank alcohol before they were 13 years old, while more than 5% of them are already binge drinking on a regular basis.

  • 46% of individuals who use heroin in the city started with abusing prescription painkillers.
  • 16% of individuals in the city who are experiencing depression abuse illicit drugs.
  • 12% of high school students in the city are abusing prescription painkillers.
  • 31% of individuals in Pembroke Pines who need help for a drug abuse not receving treatment.

Additional Treatment Centers in Florida

Florida is one of the nation's epicenters for substance abuse and drug-related overdoses. In 2014, around 410,000 Florida residents were addicted to drugs and alcohol. Over the last 10 years, 12% of all deaths in the state were attributed to substance abuse. Treatment admissions for alcohol reached 24,329 patients in 2016, and 2.5% of Florida high school students admitted to using crack cocaine.

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  • Rehabilitation is an Investment in Your Health

    The staff in the center is composed of competent and experienced individuals who have thorough knowledge about drugs and drug addiction. All of them are prepared to help the recovering addicts in every aspect of their treatment.

    People who enroll in rehabilitation centers are encouraged to cooperate with the entire process. This is because this method enables them to get the best results even at the initial stage of their treatment.

    The spending for rehabilitation programs is much cheaper than the cost of getting treatment every time the drug abuser relapses.

    Seeking Treatment at the Right Time

    Many people do not know when the right time is to seek treatment. There are some signs that can clearly indicate if it is time to take action and seek treatment in Pembroke Pines for addiction.

    You can take action when you find out that your loved one has been experiencing the following symptoms:

    1. Developing drug tolerance. This means that they need more time and more of the substance in order to get high. If you notice this, do not ignore it because the individual may be addicted to drugs.
    2. Making repeated unsuccessful attempts to quit or cut down on drug use. The individual may still think that they can control drug use, however, it is an indication that you need to take action because the situation will not improve by itself.
    3. Developing withdrawal symptoms. There are many drug abusers who exhibit physical and emotional signs when they stop using drugs suddenly due to the fact that their bodies are dependent on drugs.
    4. Experiencing cravings for drugs or alcohol even when they are not using them.

    Are Treatment Painful and Uncomfortable?

    Many individuals are afraid to get help for drug addiction because they think that the recovery process is difficult and painful. This is not true because most rehabilitation programs iare designed to assist the individual throughout their entire recovery process.

    The medical staffs in these programs take charge of the patient’s withdrawal symptoms and manage their medication, if necessary. There are some detox procedures that can be considered as painful, but this is only at the beginning. With skilled medical help, these procedures are bearable.

    Generally, treatment is not painful or uncomfortable. The individual will be given a chance to receive help and support from staff members if they need it in order to get through the rehabilitation program comfortably.

    Finding Best Drug Treatment Centers in Pembroke Pines

    There are many treatment centers you can find in the vicinity of Pembroke Pines or surrounding Florida.

    The most important thing is to find a center that offers evidence-based treatment for drug addiction. You can find this information on the center’s website.

    You can also check reviews on the internet and sessions of treatment that fit your needs. You can schedule free assessments with these centers so you can compare them.

    Look for reviews about the treatment center’s services, history, success rates and quality of care.

    This refers to the ability of rehabilitation centers to help individuals achieve long-term abstinence.

    There are many available resources that can help you find the best treatment center in Pembroke Pines. Here are some of them:

    • Your Doctor
    • Local health or human services offices
    • Local mental health centers
    • Churches or community clinics

    What If I Am Not Ready for Rehab?

    Some individuals are not ready to get help that is why they do not seek treatment. They think that it is not the right time and that they can manage drug addiction on their own.

    However, this is not advisable because it does not only affect the individual but their family as well. Drugs are dangerous to the abuser and everyone in the household because it can lead to failed relationships, legal issues, emotional instability and physical health problems.

    It is never too late to take action and seek treatment. However, the longer the individual continues abusing drugs, the more damage it can do to them and the people around them.

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