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Unfortunately, the drug addiction problem in Mountain Home, Idaho, is quite bad. According to recent statistics, about 8.4 percent of the population in Mountain Home abuses drugs, and this number is only increasing. This means that many people in Mountain Home need help with their addictions, and finding a good rehab center is essential.

Drug addiction and abuse have a big impact on the community in Mountain Home, Idaho. According to recent statistics, there were 236 hospitalizations related to drug overdoses in 2015. This accounted for nearly 10% of all hospitalizations in the state. Additionally, the rate of drug-related deaths in Idaho is more than 2.5 times the national average.

Find a facility that fits your needs in our list below, or contact us for individual recommendations. Our directory includes a number of services available in Mountain Home, , ready to support you or a loved one lead a safe and clean life, free of alcohol or opioid abuse.

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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Facilities near Mountain Home, Idaho

Zelus Recovery
1965 S. Eagle Road, Meridian, ID, 83642
45.9 Miles from Mountain Home, Idaho, USA
Raise the Bottom Addiction Treatment  - Boise
9196 W Barnes Dr, Boise, ID 83709
44.0 Miles from Mountain Home, Idaho, USA
Brick House Recovery - Boise Treatment Center
3663 N. Lakeharbor Ln, Boise, ID, 83703
45.8 Miles from Mountain Home, Idaho, USA
Port of Hope - Nampa
508 East Florida Street, Nampa, ID 83686
52.9 Miles from Mountain Home, Idaho, USA
Rising Sun Sober Living - Boise
8050W. Ustick Road, Boise, ID, 83704
45.7 Miles from Mountain Home, Idaho, USA
Ascent Behavioral Health - Meridian
366 Sw 5th Avenue, Meridian, ID, 83642
48.1 Miles from Mountain Home, Idaho, USA

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Mountain Home, ID

There are many different drug and alcohol treatment facilities in Mountain Home, ID. It can be difficult to know which one is right for you or your loved one.

The following is a list of drug and alcohol treatment centers in Mountain Home, ID.

1. The Recovery Village: This facility offers addiction treatment for adults. It provides a variety of services, including detox, residential treatment, and outpatient treatment.

2. A Better Today Recovery Services: This facility offers addiction treatment for adults and adolescents. It provides a variety of services, including detox, residential treatment, and outpatient treatment.

3. The Cabin: This facility offers addiction treatment for adults. It provides a variety of services, including detox, residential treatment, and outpatient treatment.

4. Brightside Treatment: This facility offers addiction treatment for adults. It provides a variety of services, including detox, residential treatment, and outpatient treatment.

What types of treatment are available in Mountain Home, Idaho?

A few different types of drug treatment options are available in Mountain Home, Idaho. One popular option is inpatient treatment, which involves staying at a rehab facility for the duration of your treatment program. Another option is outpatient treatment, which allows you to attend rehab sessions during the day and return home at night. There are also many 12-step programs available in Mountain Home, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

The best way to find a top drug rehab center in Mountain Home, ID, is to ask someone who’s been there. Friends and family members who have had a loved one struggling with addiction often know the best places to find help. You can also check online reviews of different treatment facilities in your area.

Drug Abuse Statistics in Mountain Home, Idaho

Drug abuse is a serious problem in Mountain Home, Idaho. However, it is not hopeless. Many drug rehab centers near Mountain Home offer help to those seeking treatment for addiction or rehabilitation from substance use disorder. These centers provide detoxification and rehabilitation services for the person who has been abusing drugs or alcohol as well as their family members who have been affected by the addiction.

  • In Mountain Home, Idaho, there were 459 drug abuse cases in 2016.
  • Of those cases, 375 were for marijuana use, 80 were for cocaine, and the remainder were for other drugs.
  • In 2015, there were 517 cases of drug abuse in the state of Idaho, and Mountain Home represented about 9% of those cases.
  • There were 5 deaths in Idaho due to drug overdose in 2015, and 2 of those were from Mountain Home.

Additional Treatment Centers in Idaho

In 2010, Idaho ranked amongst the top ten states of substance abuse in several categories. Alcohol dependence and abuse pose a major problem throughout the state, especially among minors between the ages of 12 and 17 years old. Opioids, like everywhere else in the nation, are also responsible for many substance abuse problems in the Gem State.

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  • How to Find The Best Drug Rehab in Mountain Home, Idaho

    1. Look online for a list of nearby drug rehab centers in Mountain Home, Idaho.

    2. Compare the facilities and services offered by each rehab center.

    3. Select the best drug rehab center based on your needs and preferences.

    4. Get in touch with the rehab center of your choice and ask any questions you may have.

    5. Start your journey to recovery at the best drug rehab center in Mountain Home, Idaho.

    As you can see, there are several different factors to consider when looking for a drug rehab center. However, by following the steps above, you can find the best rehab center for you and your loved ones. So don’t wait any longer – start your search for a drug rehab center today!

    What Are Some Signs Someone May Be Struggling With Addiction in Mountain Home, Idaho?

    Addiction can be a difficult issue to deal with, but some signs may indicate that someone is struggling with addiction. The following is a list of some signs that may suggest that someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol:

    1. They seem to be unable to control their drug or alcohol use.

    2. They cannot stop using drugs or alcohol, even if they want to.

    3. They continue to use drugs or alcohol even though it’s causing problems in their life.

    4. They’ve suffered negative consequences due to their drug or alcohol use, such as job loss, financial problems, legal troubles, and health issues.

    5. They’ve developed a tolerance to drugs or alcohol, and they need more and more of the substance to feel the same effects.

    6. They’ve withdrawal symptoms when they stop using drugs or alcohol.

    7. They’ve lost interest in activities they used to enjoy and replaced them with drug or alcohol use.

    If you think someone you know may be struggling with addiction, it’s important to get help right away. Many resources are available for those who need assistance with addiction, including rehab centers, support groups, and therapy. Don’t wait – get help for yourself or someone you love today.

    What are the benefits of rehab facilities in Mountain Home, ID?

    The benefits of rehab facilities in Mountain Home, ID are that they provide a safe and supportive environment for people to get sober. They also offer a variety of therapeutic interventions and support services that can help people overcome their addiction. In addition, rehab facilities in Mountain Home, ID, are licensed and accredited, so you can be sure that you are getting quality care. Finally, rehab facilities in Mountain Home, ID, are affordable, making them a good option for people struggling with addiction.

    What should you expect from your doctor after rehabilitation in Mountain Home, Idaho?

    Once you have completed rehabilitation in Mountain Home, Idaho, you should expect to continue seeing your doctor regularly. This is important because it will help you remain sober and healthy. Your doctor can also provide you with helpful resources and support as you continue to recover from addiction.

    Additionally, you may need to continue attending support group meetings or therapy sessions after rehab. Doing so can help increase your chances of remaining sober and maintaining your health long-term.

    What Type of Treatment Is Best in Mountain Home, ID?

    The type of rehabilitation center that will work best for a person in Mountain Home, ID, largely depends on the severity of their addiction and the type of drugs they are addicted to. There are many different types of rehabilitation centers, but some of the most common include inpatient rehab centers, outpatient rehab centers, and luxury rehab centers.

    Inpatient rehab centers are the most intensive type of rehab center. They require that a person lives at the center for their treatment. This is often beneficial for people with severe addictions, as it removes them from their environment and allows them to focus solely on their recovery.

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