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Addiction Treatment Centers in and near Edwardsville, Illinois

Edwardsville, Illinois is a city in Madison County, and it has a population of just over 25,000 people. In recent years, Edwardsville has seen an increase in drug addiction and abuse problems. illicit drugs such as heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana are readily available, and prescription drugs are also being abused at alarming rates.

According to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, there have been a number of overdoses in the past year, and the number of arrests for drug-related crimes has also risen. In response to this growing problem, the Edwardsville Police Department has created a special task force to investigate drug crimes and to provide treatment and support to those who are struggling with addiction.

Our directory includes a number of services available in Edwardsville, IL, ready to support you or a loved one lead a safe and clean life, free of alcohol or opioid abuse. Below we list all of Edwardsville‘s finest recovery clinics and services for addictions, each of them having their own unique property.

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Browse 8 Centers in Edwardsville, Illinois

Intensive Outpatient Care
2 Club Centre Court Suite 1 Edwardsville, IL

Intensive Outpatient Care in Edwardsville, IL provides drug rehabilitation services incorporating individual and group therapy, psychiatric care, educational and preventative resources, and life skills courses to help clients gain the tools and support necessary for successful recovery.

  • OP
  • IOP
  • Aftercare
DeRousse Counseling and DUI Services - Edwardsville
Insurance Accepted
DeRousse Counseling and DUI Services - Edwardsville
3 Sunset Hills Executive Park Suite 2 Edwardsville, IL

DeRousse Counseling and DUI Services - Edwardsville in Edwardsville, Illinois is an addiction treatment facility specializing in opioid addiction, substance abuse, drug addiction, alcoholism, and dual diagnosis, offering comprehensive treatment services and individualized treatment plans tailored to each client's circumstances.

  • OP
  • Dual-Diagnosis
  • Aftercare
DeRousse Counseling and DUI Services
3 Sunset Hills Executive Dr Edwardsville, IL

DeRousse Counseling and DUI Services in Edwardsville, IL is a high-quality addiction treatment facility offering comprehensive care for those suffering from substance abuse, including opioids, drugs, and alcohol, with tailored treatment plans, therapy from certified clinicians, and licensed and accredited facilities.

Intensive Outpatient Care
2 Club Centre Court Edwardsville, IL

Intensive Outpatient Care in Edwardsville, IL is a drug rehab facility offering personalized recovery plans that include medical assessments, individual counseling, group therapy, complementary therapies, and professional support to enable sobriety for those suffering from alcohol and substance abuse, opioid addiction, or dual diagnosis.

  • OP
  • IOP
  • Dual-Diagnosis
Addiction Treatment Strategies
Addiction Treatment Strategies
95 North Research Drive Suite 110 Edwardsville, IL

Addiction Treatment Strategies is an addiction treatment center in Edwardsville, IL that offers evidence-based treatments and therapies for opioid addiction, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, and co-occurring disorders.

  • PHP
  • OP
  • IOP
  • Dual-Diagnosis
  • Detox
  • Aftercare
Intensive Outpatient Care
2 Club Centre Ct Edwardsville, IL

Edwardsville Intensive Outpatient Care provides personalized and comprehensive care for addiction and mental health issues, utilizing evidence-based therapy and a range of interventions.

TASC Area 9/Edwardsville
340 South Filmore Street Edwardsville, IL

TASC Area 9/Edwardsville in Illinois offers evidence-based addiction treatment and supportive services, including individual and group therapy, education programs, and family counseling, to promote successful recovery and community reintegration.

  • OP
  • IOP
  • Aftercare
Addiction Treatment Strategies
95 North Research Drive Edwardsville, IL

Addiction Treatment Strategies of Edwardsville, Illinois specializes in providing comprehensive and tailored treatment plans including detox and long-term treatment programs to address Substance Abuse, Alcoholism and co-occurring disorders using evidence-based, individualized methods such as group therapy and individual counseling.

  • OP
  • IOP
  • Dual-Diagnosis
  • Detox

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Edwardsville, IL

Sobriety is the main goal for addiction treatment centers near Edwardsville, IL. Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious problem that can ruin lives and destroy families. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, it’s important to get help as soon as possible.

View options, availability, treatment methods, and more, for drug rehab and alcohol treatment in Edwardsville, Illinois

What Types of Treatment Are Available in Edwardsville, Illinois?

There are many different types of drug treatment options available in Edwardsville, Illinois. Some of the most common ones include inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab, and detox center.

Inpatient rehab is when a person stays at a treatment center for a certain period of time, usually 30 days. This type of treatment is very structured and provides around-the-clock care.

Outpatient rehab is when a person attends treatment sessions during the day but then goes home at night. This type of treatment is less intensive than inpatient rehab, but it can still be very effective.

A detox center is a place where people can go to safely detox from drugs and alcohol. This type of treatment is usually short-term, and it is designed to help people through the withdrawal process.

Drug Abuse Statistics in Edwardsville, Illinois

According to the latest drug abuse statistics, Edwardsville, Illinois has a problem with prescription drug abuse. In fact, the number of overdose deaths from prescription drugs has increased 40% in the last decade. In a survey, about 66% of people who abuse prescription drugs get them from friends or family members.

According to the same survey, it was estimated that about 1,000 people in Edwardsville struggling with some form of addiction, and only about 10% of them were receiving treatment. Alcohol almost always plays a role in drug abuse and addiction, and many people who are addicted to drugs are also addicted to alcohol.

  • Nearly 60% of all drug overdoses in Edwardsville, Illinois involve opioids.
  • 23% of drug-related ER visits are for people ages 18-25.
  • 19% of people who abuse prescription drugs will move on to using heroin.
  • 44% of addicts start abusing drugs before the age of 18.

Additional Treatment Centers in Illinois

In 2016, more than 2,350 Illinoisans died from drug overdoses. More than 5,500 deaths annually occur in Illinois due to the abuse of alcohol and other drugs. 7.17% of Illinois residents reported using illicit drugs in the past month (2018). Substance abuse costs the state approximately $3.5 billion every year.

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  • What Kind of Centers Are There?

    There are many different types of addiction treatment centers near Edwardsville, IL. Some specialize in treating certain drugs, while others may focus on alcohol addiction or both.

    Rehab centers can be state-funded or privately owned. Some may be for-profit, while others are non-profit. There are also faith-based addiction treatment centers that use a religious approach to recovery.

    State-funded addiction treatment centers offer free or low-cost programs. But, may have waiting lists, so it’s important to call ahead and see if you qualify for admission.

    Private addiction treatment centers near Edwardsville, IL typically have more amenities than state-funded programs. But, they can be very expensive and may accept your insurance.

    Faith-based addiction treatment centers offer a spiritual approach to recovery. They may require you to participate in religious activities, such as prayer and worship.

    What If I Have a Co-Occurring Disorder?

    If you have a mental health disorder, such as depression or anxiety, in addition to addiction, you may need to go to a treatment center that specializes in co-occurring disorders.

    These centers will treat both your addiction and mental health disorder at the same time. They may use a variety of methods, such as medication, therapy, and support groups.

    People with co-occurring disorders often have a higher risk of relapse. So, it’s important to find a treatment center that can help you manage both conditions.

    Warning Signs of a Bad Drug Rehab

    There are a few warning signs that may indicate a bad drug rehab near Edwardsville, IL.

    First, beware of any center that uses shaming or humiliation as a form of treatment. This can make your addiction worse and lead to relapse.

    Second, avoid any rehab that promises quick or easy cures. Addiction is a chronic disease that requires long-term treatment.

    Finally, be wary of any center that requires you to pay upfront for services. Many reputable rehabs offer sliding-scale fees or accept insurance.

    What Activities Are Available in Treatment?

    Addiction treatment centers near Edwardsville, IL offer a variety of activities to help you recover from addiction. Some common activities include:

    • Individual therapy
    • Group therapy
    • Family therapy
    • 12-step programs
    • Art or music therapy
    • Exercise and fitness programs
    • Nutrition and wellness counseling

      Some treatment centers may also offer alternative therapies, such as yoga or equine therapy. The length of time you stay in treatment will depend on the severity of your addiction. Most people stay in treatment for 30 days, but some may stay for 60 days or more.

    How Can I Prepare for Rehab?

    If you’re considering going to an addiction treatment center near Edwardsville, IL, there are a few things you can do to prepare. First, it’s important to detox from drugs or alcohol before you go to rehab. This will help your body adjust to being without drugs or alcohol and make the transition into treatment easier.

    You should also talk to your family and friends about your decision to go to rehab. They can provide support and understanding during this difficult time.

    It’s also a good idea to pack a bag of personal items, such as clothes, toiletries, and pictures. This will help you feel more comfortable during your stay in treatment.

    Finally, make sure to ask any questions you have about addiction treatment before you go. This will help you know what to expect and be prepared for the challenges ahead.

    What Other Resources Are Available to Help Me Stay Sober?

    In addition to the resources offered by addiction treatment centers, there are other organizations that can help you stay sober. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are two of the most popular 12-step programs. These groups provide support and accountability for people who are trying to stay sober.

    Sober living homes are another option for people who want to stay in a safe and drug-free environment. These homes typically have rules and regulations that residents must follow, such as abstaining from drugs and alcohol and attending 12-step meetings.

    There are also many online resources that can help you stay sober. Websites like Sober Recovery and The Fix offer forums, articles, and blogs about addiction and recovery. These resources can provide support and information when you need it most.

    View options, availability, treatment methods, and more, for drug rehab and alcohol treatment in Edwardsville, Illinois (888) 674-0062.