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East Meadow, New York has a serious drug and alcohol abuse problem. In fact, statistics are showing there is an increase in prescription drugs among teens. Other drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine, prescription pills, and ecstasy are also prevalent. Because of this surge in drug and alcohol abuse, it’s also causing more drug and alcohol-related deaths.

This is an epidemic that needs to be stopped, and it all starts with education. Drug abuse can have lasting effects on your health, your relationships, and your career.

If you live in East Meadow it is extremely important to know that there are resources out there for anyone who needs them. East Meadow has drug and alcohol rehab centers that can help residents get clean, sober, and healthy again.

There is a chance for success and a better and start in the world with a series of drug and alcohol dependency services available in East Meadow, NY. Check out a facility on our list below that suits your needs, or contact us for individualized assistance.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment in East Meadow, NY

If you or someone that you love is struggling with substance abuse in East Meadow, it’s important to seek help immediately. The longer this problem goes unresolved, the worse it becomes.

Drug and alcohol rehab centers in East Meadow exist to help those struggling with substance abuse. You or your loved one will receive the treatment needed to get clean. These centers will also educate people on prevention, overdose symptoms, and addiction signs.

Our experts can help you find treatment now in East Meadow, New York. We list drug rehab and alcohol centers in New York.

What Types of Treatment Are Available in East Meadow, New York?

There are a variety of drug treatment options available in East Meadow, New York. Some facilities offer inpatient treatment, while others offer outpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment requires that you live at the facility while you receive treatment, while outpatient treatment allows you to live at home and attend treatment sessions during the day.

Some facilities also offer a variety of specialized programs, such as gender-specific programs, faith-based programs, or programs for people who have co-occurring mental health disorders.

No matter what type of program you choose, it is important that the facility offers evidence-based treatments. These treatments have been proven to be effective in helping people overcome their addiction.

Drug Abuse Statistics in East Meadow, New York

Alcoholism is a major issue in East Meadow. It is estimated that 31% of adults in the area are alcoholics. Due to this fact, approximately 16% of East Meadow’s residents over 12 years old report being binge drinkers. In addition, alcohol-related car crashes have been rising in the area.

Drug abuse is a growing problem in East Meadow as well. In fact, 7% of teenagers surveyed said they regularly use prescription drugs without a prescription. Further, 28% percent of teens surveyed in 2018 said that it was easy to get prescription drugs.

  • About 7% of teenagers in East Meadow use marijuana.
  • About 24% of teenagers who use marijuana also use other illegal drugs.
  • About 38% of people who abuse alcohol likely start at age 13 or younger.
  • About 27% of people admitted to driving under the influence of alcohol at least once in their life.

Additional Treatment Centers in New York

More than 2 million New Yorkers are currently suffering from some type of substance abuse and many of those are minors. Alcohol abuse, in particular, is prevalent among those underage. As a result of the high prices and regulation of prescription drugs, many New Yorkers turn to heroin instead. This has led to a serious heroin epidemic in the state.

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  • How Do Drug Rehab Centers in East Meadow Help?

    Drug rehab centers in East Meadow can help by providing individuals with the following:

    • Individualized treatment plans
    • A safe and comfortable environment
    • Access to medical staff 24/7 for emergencies
    • Addressing all underlying medical conditions
    • Medically assisted detox
    • Counseling for both the individual and family members
    • Personal, professional, and continuing care

      Due to the fact that drug and alcohol rehab centers in East Meadow provide many services, it’s important to pick a center that’s best for you. Working with an intake coordinator at the center is one way to determine if this is the right place for you or your loved one.

    What to Expect During Treatment?

    Expect to work with a professional team. The specialists at rehab centers in East Meadow will guide you through the recovery process. In addition, they will provide you with a treatment plan personalized to your unique situation.

    You will get tailored care for your medical services, including detoxification. You will also have access to support groups that are free of judgment.

    During treatment, you will learn coping mechanisms and life skills to prepare you for a successful transition to your “new normal.” You will also work with your treatment specialist to address any underlying issues that led to the substance abuse. This will help you avoid relapse in the future.

    Also, expect to have a healthier life when you complete rehab. Recovering is about more than just getting sober. A lot of work goes into this process, and it’s important to remain committed to your recovery.

    Why is Detox Important?

    Because drug and alcohol addictions alter the brain’s chemical makeup, detox is a crucial step for recovering from addiction. Withdrawal symptoms occur when an individual stops taking drugs or alcohol abruptly. These include insomnia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle spasms, and seizures.

    Due to these withdrawal symptoms, it’s important to detox under medical supervision. This ensures the safety of the individual. Trained medical professionals are aware of the possible risks that come with detox, and they’ll help to minimize them.

    How Can I Find the Right Drug Rehab Center?

    Finding the right drug rehab center is about more than choosing one that works within your budget. You need to feel comfortable at the center. If you’re not, this is a sign that it’s not the right place for you or your loved one.

    Best treatment centers have quality staff and facilities. You can determine this by looking up the center’s accreditation, as well as checking for reviews. It’s also a good idea to speak with people who have been through treatment at the center.

    In addition, you should research the center’s services, treatment philosophy, and program structure. This information will help you determine if this is the best place for your specific needs.

    Finally, it’s important to look at the center’s security and safety protocols. You need to feel safe and comfortable at this facility. You should also have access to your loved one 24/7 if you opt for a center with overnight services.

    What Should I Do If I Can’t Afford a Treatment Facility?

    Don’t let this stop you from getting help. In fact, there are many ways to find free or affordable treatment centers. Some rehab facilities offer payment assistance, sliding scales, and scholarships.

    You can also contact your insurance provider about receiving coverage for the treatment center you want to attend. Even if you may not be covered for the entire program, your provider can work with you to get a partial payment or coverage.

    Some faith-based centers offer free treatment to low-income individuals who can’t afford to pay. If you’re a veteran, there are centers specifically for you. Also, check out clinics for lower costs or start looking into government programs that can help with rehab costs if your situation is dire.

    Our experts can help you find treatment now in East Meadow, New York. We list drug rehab and alcohol centers in New York. (888) 674-0062

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