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Aspire Recovery For Women

Aspire Recovery For Women

  • Carbondale, CO
  • Accredited
  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient

Aspire Recovery For Women, located in Carbondale, Colorado, is dedicated to helping women aged 25 and over achieve recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Using a structured daily routine and a transitional living program developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf, Aspire Recovery provides a supportive and disciplined environment.

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  • Focuses on women-only recovery programs, ensuring gender-specific care and support.
  • Based in a residential house, promoting a home-like atmosphere for residents.
  • Employs a structured daily routine to help residents build discipline and structure in their lives.
  • Uses a transitional living program which includes 28 treatment houses tailored for women.

Women struggling with alcohol and drug addiction benefit most from their services, making it an ideal facility for those aged 25 and over seeking structured and supportive recovery options.

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  • Insurance Accepted
  • 5 Levels of Care
  • Speaks English
  • 9 Therapies & Programs



Conditions and Issues Treated

Substance Abuse + Addiction Treatment at Aspire Recovery For Women

Many people need to recover from substance abuse to live a healthy life. In the end, if you can get through all the steps: detoxifying your body, rehabilitation after some time or when needed (depending on the type), and recovery while also receiving therapy support throughout the process, it can be worth it.

A detoxification center is a common place to start the recovery process from substance abuse. With your body and mind restored, you can continue to heal without the lingering effects of drugs.

Levels of Care

This center offers a variety of custom treatment tailored to individual recovery. Currently available are Drug Rehab, Inpatient, Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient, Residential, with additional therapies available as listed below.

Inpatient treatment is an intensive program that takes place when a patient checks into a rehabilitation facility. The treatment includes detoxification and counseling sessions, which are round the clock. Outpatient treatments are also available, but inpatient care is advised as the first step of rehabilitation.

Intensive rehab ensures the patient stays in a substance-free atmosphere, improving treatment success rates. The patient participates in group therapy for motivation from other patients who have overcome addiction. Family members are also involved in providing emotional support throughout the program.

An intensive outpatient program is usually the first phase of addiction treatment. It provides relief for those who are addicted, but are not ready to commit to an inpatient setting. Typically, the patient lives at home and is able to work or go to school. IOPs consist of a daily 3 to 5-hour program, and there is a required number of hours per week. Most patients go to IOP between 20 and 40 hours per week. The patient attends group counseling and individual therapy throughout the duration of treatment. They also meet daily with their therapist to discuss how it’s going and where they are in the recovery process.

The goal here is to teach patients healthy coping skills, such as stress management and identifying thoughts and behaviors that lead to relapse. The implementation of these skills will be useful as the individual transitions into the next phases of treatment.

An outpatient treatment program is set up to help with alcohol or drug addiction, or a co-occurring disorder. The patient must attend the Colorado facility for their therapy and other programs but are able to return home each night. The frequency of mandatory attendance decreases after much of Aspire Recovery For Women‘s program is complete.

Residential treatment programs are those that offer housing and meals in addition to substance abuse treatment. Rehab facilities that offer residential treatment allow patients to focus solely on recovery, in an environment totally separate from their lives. Some rehab centers specialize in short-term residential treatment (a few days to a week or two), while others solely provide treatment on a long-term basis (several weeks to months). Some offer both, and tailor treatment to the patient’s individual requirements.

Therapies & Programs

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is used by drug treatment centers across the United States to help drug addicts become sober. DBT combines traditional behavioral treatments with elements from DBT, including dialectics, distress tolerance, and interlocking issues. It is commonly used to treat Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) along with substance abuse disorders. The four DBT modules are mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is also a popular service for individuals living with addiction. This type of supportive treatment uses both one-on-one counseling and group sessions to teach addicts how to identify thoughts, behaviors and emotions that might increase their risk of relapse.

These professionals can help addicts develop coping skills for managing stress, improving self-esteem and overcoming triggers. They might also use behavioral therapy to help addicts learn how to avoid cravings and warning signs that could lead them back into addiction.

Therapy can be used as a step-down from inpatient treatment or as the primary method of overcoming an addiction. No matter which option is best for the addict, they will teach important emotional coping techniques, which can make it easier for addicts to get through the tough days.

Payment Options

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  • Health Insurance
  • Self-Pay / Cash
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Military Insurance
  • IHS/Tribunal/Urban
  • State-Financed
  • Sliding Scale
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    Location & Contact

    Aspire Recovery For Women Location and Directions
    246 Garfield Avenue
    Carbondale, CO 81623

    Phone Number
    (970) 445-0230

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    Aspire Recovery For Women Location and Directions



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      Female, Gender-Exclusive
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      Adults (20+)
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    Helpful reference information for Aspire Recovery For Women, a drug treatment center in Colorado located at: 246 Garfield Avenue, Carbondale, CO, 81623, including phone numbers, official website, and more. Listed briefly is an overview of Levels of Care, Therapies Offered, Issues Treated, and accepted forms of Payment Methods.

    Listed October 25, 2021

    Updated June 24, 2024

    Carbondale, Colorado Addiction and Treatment

    The Centennial State has slipped to a ranking of 12th in the country for drug abuse. Each year around 24% of the state's population uses illegal drugs while nearly 5% of its population abuses alcohol. Substance-related deaths in Colorado were responsible for 15.12% between 2008 and 2017. Fortunately, Colorado drug and alcohol addiction treatment are available to help a person overcome addiction.

    Garfield County, nestled in the heart of Colorado, is a vibrant community known for its stunning natural beauty and friendly residents. However, the county has been grappling with a devastating increase in drug overdose deaths, with a staggering 74% rise from 2020 to 2021. Fentanyl-related overdose deaths have skyrocketed by 150%, while opioid-related overdose deaths have surged by 193% from 2019 to 2020.

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