Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers in Carson City, Nevada

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Here we list all of the best opioid rehab facilities and centers, many with exclusive services of their own. Carson City has resources for healthcare and a happy future with a range of drug and alcohol recovery programs all located within Nevada.

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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Facilities near Carson City, Nevada

Carson Tahoe Specialty Medical Center
775 Fleischmann Way 2nd Floor, Carson City, NV 89703
0.6 Miles from Carson City, Nevada, USA
Rural Nevada Counseling - Yerington
720 S Main St, Yerington, NV 89447
34.9 Miles from Carson City, Nevada, USA
Bristlecone Family Resources
704 Mill St, Reno, NV 89502
25.1 Miles from Carson City, Nevada, USA
586 Glorene Ave, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
21.7 Miles from Carson City, Nevada, USA
586 Glorene Ave, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
21.7 Miles from Carson City, Nevada, USA
Family Counseling Service
575 E Plumb Ln, Reno, NV 89502
23.7 Miles from Carson City, Nevada, USA

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Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Carson City, NV

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers in Carson City, Nevada

Substance abuse and addictions impact so many people and their families in Carson City, NV. We know it is devastating for any mother or father, partner or close friend to experience someone treasured struggle with addiction. Obviously a wonderful place to visit and stay but Nevada has issues with drug and alcohol abuse, as all other states.

No matter where you live in Nevada, we are confident there is a drug rehab center that can help you overcome your addiction. We can help you find treatment based on your location, budget, and specific needs and help you get started safely.

What types of treatment are available in Carson City, Nevada?

Recovering from any type of substance abuse can be a long process, but it is the most rewarding experience any addicted person will ever go through. After completing the initial detox and withdrawal, you will often be required to engage in a highly comprehensive addiction therapy program. While enrolled in a professional and effective drug rehab in Carson City, the following are some of the treatment services that you can expect to receive:

Substance Addiction

Rehab centers in exist to help individuals bounce back from substance abuse. Drug addiction refers to the use of illegal drugs and improper use of prescription drugs. Substance abuse includes all problems that stem out from using psychoactive substances.


Some of the most common co-occurring disorders are schizophrenia, depression, and bipolar disorder. Most rehab facilities in Carson City provide patients with a dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis gives rehab the means to treat addiction while restoring mental and emotional health.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is a treatment approach that allows a recovering addict to stay at home while getting treatment for addiction. An outpatient program may include day treatment, in which a person attends addiction treatment for an hour or two a day. Outpatient programs in Nevada often include individual therapy and group therapy.

Inpatient Care

Inpatient rehabs are residential treatment programs that receive medical support round the clock to treat severe addictions and co-occurring disorders. Stay length varies from four weeks to six months, depending on individual needs. Inpatient rehabilitation ensures the patient remains in a substance-free environment, improving the success rate of treatment. Treatment begins with medically assisted detox, followed by counseling and behavioral therapy. It usually includes participation in group therapy where peers motivate the individual. Family members are also involved in various ways to provide emotional support.

Rehab is a combination of detoxing the body, rehabilitation, and recovery. There is therapy, aftercare, and support during the entire process. While substance abuse can take over a person’s life, it is something that can also be overcome with help from professionals at Nevada rehabs.

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